MARSH MAN MASSON: Fish This Way If You Want LOTS Of Redfish

Capt. Joe Ezell is a brackish-water angler with a hardcore bass-fishing background, so he doesn’t approach the South Louisiana marshes with a traditional mindset. While any angler could happen upon fish any day, Ezell pays close attention to the details of individual successes to attempt to establish a pattern.

Once he does that, he bounces from spot to spot, searching for setups that match the pattern.

Ezell put that strategy to good use this week, while toting Louisiana Outdoor Adventures television host Kevin Ford and me into the marshes near Delacroix, La. In the days leading up to our trip, Ezell had noticed redfish were hanging along outside bends in winding bayous, just upcurrent from points in those bayous.

So that’s the technique he started with first thing in the morning of our trip, and right away, it paid dividends. We caught redfish at nearly every outside bend, steadily working our way up the bayou until we reached its end.

That first bayou yielded a near limit of redfish, before we moved on to hit others, and repeat the pattern. It produced everywhere we went, and only a few hours in, we had reached our limits and had to release everything we caught.


Hot baits of the day were red ice-colored H&H TKO Shrimp, holy joely Matrix Shads and, of course, live shrimp. Winds were light to moderate out of the northeast, and water clarity was 6 to 8 inches.

To see all the details of the trip, watch the video below.

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