PERRICONE: Trump’s Being Impeached Because He Stumbled Upon The Honey Pot

What I am about the say or write will take a few minutes to read, but those who endeavor to do so, will be more informed than those who won’t. It’s a history lesson started a generation ago and has impacted what happened in Washington, last week. As I write this to put this matter into context, the reader should remember a few things. First, public corruption is always about power and money. And second, everything is evidence of something–nothing happens in a vacuum or without purpose. With that understanding, I proffer this piece.

On October 27, 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed into law the Money Laundering Control Act of 1986. It was design to combat the movement of illegal money, derived through criminal enterprise, through financial institutions to give it the benediction of lawfully earned capital. At the time, it was aimed at drug lords and corrupt financial institutions. Little did we know that it would grow teeth, which would bite deeply into countries beyond our shores. And little did we know that the Soviet empire would begin to dissolve three years later. But it did.

In 1989, those shackled by Socialism and Communism in Eastern Europe had enough. The Berlin Wall was attacked and torn down, which sent a signal to Moscow that the end of the Soviet Union had begun and that their satellite states will soon be free. Not a shot was fired, if you remember. There were no T-34 Soviet tanks rolling through streets of Eastern European capitals. The end of the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain was realized.


Aristotle first postulated the theory that “nature abhors a vacuum” which was later validated by French and Italian physicists. Little did they know then that such an postulate would have applicability to the immutable nature of man and his politics. But it did.

When I was in the FBI in 1989–a different FBI which exist today–we celebrated the end of a menacing communist regime and the concomitant human rights violations which attend these types of governments. But we were warned about the unknown. We were warned that when the onerous yoke of communism is finally lifted on the Balkan states and Eastern Europe, what types of governments would emerge? As usual, the United States Department of State was feckless and unprepared for the onslaught of new freedoms launched against those who have never breathed free air. It was like a drowning man suddenly pulled from a rabid torrent and allowed to inhale fresh air. The gasp of freedom brought new wild frontiers.

Imagine starting a country from scratch. You need order, law, justice, utilities, food distribution, and BANKING. Those now in charge had to rub their eyes and see what they had to work with and many found their countries had resources, heretofore, never explored. It was a new time, a glorious time, but a scary time, for all.

A generation passed and the new countries flourished as best as they could under their own steam and with the help of western countries, especially the United States. But with their new freedoms came new problems, most notably in Ukraine. This country has had a unfortunate history, not unlike some of their neighbors. The Nazis raped her and then the Soviets stomped on her for generations. Now she was free to do what she wanted, but she didn’t know what she wanted.

Ukraine shares its border with Russia and a strategic part of Ukraine, the Crimea, has always been coveted by Russia because of its geographical location on the Black Sea. Remember, Turkey is a NATO member and the Bosphorus is a gateway to the Mediterranean Sea. The Russian Navy needs control of the Black Sea.

While US intelligence services were active in that area, something became noticed that was far beyond the glare of those who were only thinking strategically. The mendacious eyes of those who needed new redoubts to hide their ill-gotten gains found new banking systems too willing to accommodate the flush of capital from other countries–as long as the origins thereof were kept secret. Ukraine was all to willing to be one of those countries and open its new vaults to new capital from other countries.

With the fall of the Soviet Union came the vacuum of self-determination in Kiev. Like a starving baby sparrow, Ukraine’s mouth was agape for any nourishment it could attract. And boy, did it!!!

It took a few years, but it wasn’t long before Americans and others found a place to hide and launder their ill-gotten gains and to generate more, far from they eyes of the US government and the Corrupt Foreign Practices Act. Suddenly the vacuum was filled and Ukrainian’s corruption flourished for many years, especially under the Obama-Biden Administration.

But who would be the point man on everything Ukraine under the Obama Administration? Who else but that genius, Joe Biden. He was handpicked to handle everything to do with the Ukraine, from soup to nuts and the laundering of ill-gotten gains and the development of new sources of ill-gotten gains. What a choice!!!

But Ukraine, even in its darkest and most corrupt moments, didn’t like the US digging into their affairs too much. After all, they just shook off the yoke of the old Soviet Union. They didn’t need another country telling them what to do and how to do it.


But the US was a different country. Its avuncular nature, founded in military security, promised Ukraine many things, but they had to listen to Uncle Joe, if they wanted the semblance of self-determination. So they caved to Biden’s threats on many occasions. One was televised!

So now we are in 2016 and a new president is to be elected. Biden’s choice is Hillary Clinton, who has a history in both Russia and Ukraine. To Obama and Biden, the status quo was assured with Clinton’s election. But what’s this? Opposition to the status quo by a TV personality–Donald Trump? Never! Something had to be done and done quickly. After all, Biden got control of Ukraine’s justice system, its nascent industries–ENTER HUNTER BIDEN–and the Democrats didn’t need anyone upsetting what they built over the years.

This fear was the midwife of the Tump impeachment effort. It was design to stop Trump at every movement, before the election and, GOD FORBID, if he defeated Hillary Clinton. The battle of Ukraine was on and that faraway nation was the Flanders Field of a new war–a financial war. Trenches and tunnels were dug. Barbed wire was stung. Weapons were employed–all to defeat Donald Trump and the American people, who were bereft of this knowledge and moved on with their busy lives, while the democrats and anyone they could enlist, joined their ranks.

Lamentably, many did. Surprisingly to me, FBI agents and DOJ attorneys did, which has sickened me beyond words. And the fight was on to defeat Trump at the polls. But the Democrats forgot one thing. The People. The Voters. We saw that we needed a change, but we didn’t really understand why.


Money flows through every artery of corruption. But like blood, you can’t see it, unless you open a vein. Donald Trump has thrust a dagger into the aorta of the Democrat’s corruption and their criminal enterprises, which include their money laundering operations. Now the Democrats, after failing to connect Trump to Russia, are now trying to gin up a bogus impeachment case and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

WE THE PEOPLE, now understand the DNC is a Racketeering Enterprise, not unlike the La Cosa Nostra—-only much bigger and much more powerful. After all they control one chamber of Congress. Now is the time for Americans to say we have had enough of this criminal enterprise and their lustful pursuit of wealth, at the expense of the common man…..the “smelly Walmart shopper,” or the slug who has to catch a bus to work everyday. We have had it. It’s over. Your impeachment effort, like your dirty money, can not be laundered through the Halls of Congress. It stops and it stops NOW.

It’s Christmas and I can’t think that Providence does not have a hand in these revelations. But it’s up to the people–We the People, to rise up and act. Let our voiced be heard, our money used wisely, and our votes counted, as we finally rid ourselves of this corrupt enterprise disguising as a political party. Our children and grandchildren need us. We have one opportunity to stop this and it’s now in our hands. What will we do now?

Addendum: if you have not discovered the real reason behind this sham impeachment, I submit this for consideration. Trump discovered the Democrats “honey pot” and the Treasury Department needs to be on guard for any money being repatriated to the United States from anywhere to any Democrat.



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