APPEL: Pelosi’s Fear And Tantrums At Trump’s SOTU

Speaker Pelosi’s temper tantrum at the end of the State of Union address was the perfect allegory for the unspoken state of affairs in our Nation. Tearing up the speech was the culmination of three bitter years of Democrat resentment of a president who has demonstrated the failings of the philosophy that Pelosi and her Party stand for.

For more than a century Democrats, with the acquiescence of weak Republicans, have methodically moved our nation away from freedom and self-reliance, and toward government dependency. Remember “It takes a village to raise a child”? No, it shouldn’t, but we have allowed that mentality to supplant the family.

Remember “You didn’t build that?” Not true, but we have allowed ourselves to be blinded by the socialist concept that self-reliance is incapable of creating success.

Pelosi’s performance was an outpouring of her desperation as she came face to face with overwhelming evidence of the success of capitalism and freedom. Her worst nightmare has been realized. On her watch our country has seen through the myth of Progressivism and its sister myth that our future lies in socialism as defined by her Democrat Party. She has reached the pinnacle of political power based on these myths and buoyed by fear and jealousy, but the reality that is President Trump’s success has debunked all she has professed.

Confronting her and her followers is the prospect that her speakership is tenuous at best and may now be in jeopardy.

President Trump is also a metaphor. He is the embodiment of the prosperity that flows from those two uniquely American virtues, freedom and self-reliance. He represents the rejection of the Democratic Party’s vision of collectivism, whether called Progressive or socialist.

And Pelosi’s greatest fear is that if he delivers continued success for the American people, he may bring down the whole Democratic House of Cards.

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