This Won’t Be Much Of An Election, I Don’t Think…

Certainly the Democrats will have better weeks than this one, which is probably the worst week an American political party had since Richard Nixon resigned his office. But the trends which have surfaced in the past few days, which don’t seem likely to abate any time soon, certainly don’t favor the idea that today’s Democrat Party is capable of winning a national election.

After all, it takes a special combination of foolishness, incompetence and malice to put yourself in a position to suffer the kind of 1-2-3 punch the Democrats are having inflicted on them at the moment, all of which was avoidable.

On Monday, they had an Iowa caucus debacle which even today, Wednesday morning, still isn’t over. As of late last night the Dems still hadn’t announced final results of a vote from 1,600 caucus locations around the state – not a large number, and none of those caucuses were held in secret. Their results were publicly announced and tabulated, but because the app the Iowa Democrat Party bought from a vendor owned by a pair of Hillary Clinton staffers failed and the backup reporting system also failed, so far there has only been reporting of 71 percent of the caucus vote.

You can believe this is a result of incompetence if you want. You can believe that and you’ll certainly be wrong. This was a fairly obvious attempt to rig the caucus vote against Bernie Sanders and deny him victory in Iowa. And as I wrote a couple of weeks ago at The American Spectator, it is entirely defensible both as a matter of self-preservation and patriotic duty for the Democrats to do whatever is necessary to keep Sanders away from their nomination. Bernie Sanders is a wannabe communist dictator and his supporters, who would become the Powers That Be within state and local Democrat parties all around the country if Sanders became their nominee, are even worse than Sanders is.

If the Democrats were smart, they would simply blackball Sanders as unfit for their nomination, using the fact he only registers as a Democrat to run for their presidential nomination and then goes back to registering as an independent socialist when the contest is over. The problem with that is by shutting out Sanders you alienate the weirdos and goofballs and violent communist revolutionaries he brings with him, and somehow they think they can’t win without turning out that vote – and they’ve done the math and think those people outnumber the old-fashioned working-man Democrats they used to win elections with.

So they’re trying to be too cute by half and take in the Sanders people, who belong out on the far fringes of American politics without a say in how the country is governed because we’ve seen their works in shithole countries the world over, without giving their party over to him. That’s why Sanders got nearly thirty percent of the raw vote in Iowa but only 25 percent of the counted vote and he’s now behind Pete Buttigieg with 71 percent reporting. Joe Biden, who the Democrats were trying to promote with their fixed vote, imploded. If Biden was their best chance of winning an election, they never had much of a chance.

As if that’s going to placate Bernie’s people, who are already threatening to burn down Milwaukee, the site of the Democrats’ convention, if he’s not the nominee.

Then on Tuesday, while the Iowa Democrats were still avoiding counting the votes, Trump gave his State of the Union speech. It was a masterful celebration not particularly of Donald Trump, though he certainly took a victory lap here and there, but of the American people. And the Democrats couldn’t have shown their asses in any more vivid manner than they did – from the bitchy women in their white pantsuits refusing to applaud underprivileged kids getting scholarships, to black Democrats refusing to applaud the last surviving Tuskegee airman to Nancy Pelosi refusing to give even fake applause to Rush Limbaugh as he was honored practically on his deathbed and then ripping up her copy of the transcript.

Look, it’s obvious that Washington politics is an open brawl now. And yes, Trump was fairly provocative in the speech, if you’re coming at it from a Democratic perspective. Giving Limbaugh a Presidential Medal of Freedom is an in-your-face action to them, though we could go through a list of like awards Barack Obama bestowed and it’s hardly unprecedented that each side might honor its own cultural and political heroes. And yes, Trump declined to shake Pelosi’s hand, though given that she failed to follow congressional protocol in introducing him, not to mention she tried to impeach him while calling him a puppet of Vladimir Putin to his face a couple of months ago (and the two haven’t spoken since), that’s understandable.


But here’s the thing. The bulk of the American people who’ll decide an election really don’t give a damn about all that back-and-forth. They want these people to be professionals. They want members of the opposition in Congress to act the way Kirsten Sinema, the Democrat senator from Arizona, acted. Sinema is no particular fan of Trump’s but she had no problem standing and applauding several times during the speech.

And instead, what they saw was the disgusting Rashida Tlaib and the useless hack Bill Pascrell getting up and walking out in the middle of the speech.

How’s that going to play on Election Night when the Democrats try to hold those 30-something swing seats they managed to grab in the 2018 midterms? Probably not all that well.

Which brings us to today, when Trump is going to get acquitted by the Senate in a bipartisan vote. It’s pretty likely that Doug Jones, the Alabama post-turtle senator who’s desperate to hold his seat in one of the reddest of states, will vote an acquittal and he’s quite likely not to be alone. When that happens it’ll be pretty clear the overarching Democrat action of the last six months will have collapsed in monstrous failure.

Can’t run a caucus in Iowa. Can’t behave like adults at a presidential speech. Can’t avoid wasting the public’s time on a doomed impeachment gambit. And come out of the week with a frontrunner in the presidential race whose top electoral calling card is that he’s a gay guy who trashes Christians as bigots – and oh, by the way, he’s not a governor or senator but a mayor of a college town with all of 101,000 people in it. That’s no way to win an election.

No major political party has ever been so poorly positioned in advance of a national election as the Democrats are now. Not in modern times. The coming rout in November can’t get here fast enough



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