Houston’s DeJon Jarreau suspended only one game after BITING opponent’s leg [videos]

Houston guard DeJon Jarreau was only suspended for one game after it was captured on video that he bit Cincinnati’s Mamoudou Diarra’s left leg during Saturday’s game against Cincinnati.

It took one day for Coach Kelvin Sampson to make an announcement. On Sunday:

“After further reviews from multiple angles, it can clearly be seen that DeJon Jarreau bit Mamoudou Diarra,”Sampson said. “I reached out to Cincinnati Head Coach John Brannen this morning and apologized on behalf of our Basketball team. Our program is built on discipline, and behavior like that will not be tolerated.

“With that in mind, I have chosen to suspend DeJon for Thursday’s game against Tulane. I am confident DeJon will learn from this incident and the consequences of his actions.”

Officials fouled and ejected Jarreau from the game. The Houston Cougars beat the Cincinnati Bearcats 64–62.

Initially, Sampson disagreed with the call and said Jarreau didn’t bite Diarra. But the video that’s gone viral on social media says otherwise.

In the video you can see Sampson ask Jarreau, “Did you bit somebody?”



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