Louisiana Has Officially Succumbed To The Wuhan Virus

There’s no more point to noting that the media-fueled stupidity of coronavirus panic has grossly overshot the threat the Wuhan virus actually poses to regular folks. That battle is clearly lost. It was lost here in Louisiana when clowns and fools were elected and re-elected to lead the place, and then it was just a matter of time before that leadership manifested itself.

Comes Wuhan, and goes the entire festival season in the state. Starting with the St. Patrick’s Day parades not just in New Orleans, but in Baton Rouge, too.

The mayor’s office has asked weekend event organizers to postpone events amid a state health emergency due to coronavirus.

Click here for late-breaking details on the state’s response and the latest patient numbers.

The mayor’s order impacts the 35th annual Wearin’ of the Green Parade which has been postponed. Organizers said the parade will roll as soon as the health situation is cleared and vowed to host the wildly popular parade within the calendar year.

The mayor’s order comes amid public gathering bans involving sports teams – the NBA postponed its season and collegiate sporting groups, including the SEC, instituted rules keeping fans from sporting events.

LSU has banned spectators from all on-campus sporting events until the end of March, which wasn’t so much a university decision as an SEC decision. And John Bel Edwards, the state’s governor, has now put Louisiana under a state of emergency. He hasn’t yet suspended the current legislative session, but the rumor mill says that’s coming.

The outrage of earlier this week, that New Orleans mayor LaToya Cantrell was continuing with a fundraiser for the United Negro College Fund while canceling the Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day parade, has been cleared up – the UNCF postponed the whole network of fundraisers, which got Cantrell off the hook for her hypocrisy.

But as of right now, while Edwards, Cantrell, Baton Rouge mayor Sharon Weston Broome and other lousy leaders around the state are busily shooing people away from public gatherings there is no plan to shelve the top Democratic fundraiser of the week, an event tonight at the City Club in Baton Rouge in which Edwards will host Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell for a $1,000-a-plate fundraiser for Campbell’s re-election.


To say this is in horrifically poor taste, not to mention medically inappropriate given the clear threat it poses to its attendees with the Wuhan virus clutching at the throats of every Louisianan, is grossly insufficient.

Perhaps it’s simply that our betters are immune from the virus while those of us among the lumpen proletariat must be shuttered in our homes until the politicians deem it safe to let us out.

So Louisiana is closed, y’all. We’ll see those of you who survive down the road.



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