A MISTAKE: Yesterday’s Headline on St Louis “Doctor” Should Have Been Better

Yesterday, I, Jeff LeJeune, ran an article on The Hayride that included a video. Unfortunately, for the first time in my 162 articles for the site, I included the word [VIDEO] at the end of the headline. Usually I simply include a video without writing it in the title, as some of you may have seen in many of my LSU football articles. I’m not quite sure why I did it; I think I did because I’d been seeing it done before by other writers and for whatever reason, yesterday I said, “Hey, why don’t I join the team and do it like they do for once?”

I don’t know if this decision had any bearing on the receival of the article itself, but I suspect that maybe it did. The headline, which included the word “Doctor,” when coupled with “[Video],” may have linked the two too solidly to make any article attached to it valuable—if it was read at all.

I edited the article yesterday to try to more fully capture the spirit of my post, and what I was trying to share with the American public, particularly The Hayride readers, many of whom I know are quarantined like me and wondering when we are going to get back to work, wondering if all the mandates we are having to obey is based on truth and transparency. But I know that an edit of an article perhaps cannot rectify an issue produced by a mishandling of the headline, specifically, using the word “Doctor.”

Dr Eric Nepute is a chiropractor, not a medical doctor. I am sorry. I did not intend to mislead.

My intent was to show someone who had a very strong opinion on what misleadings are sometimes being produced in the media, and on why it is taking so long for government to take a more sincere look at hydroxychloroquine, which is being touted by doctors around the world. I quoted Dr Anthony Cardillo in my piece yesterday. I thought, and still believe, that these two major premises of his video–media and government–combined with the somewhat obnoxious passion with which he delivered them, would be interesting viewing and food for thought.

Maybe I should have included all of this, but I didn’t want his passion to be lost. I believe that many Americans, credentials or no credentials, feel the same way this man does in the video, with as much right and passion as he.

Here is a little on Dr Nepute that shows he may know a little more than your average chiropractor. The bold and underlined items are mine:

Dr Nepute is the founder of the Nepute Wellness System. He says, on his website, “We created this system out of pure frustration.  I just got so sick and tired of people not getting to the root cause of their problem, and really truly wanted to work together with all different disciplines of healthcare to truly benefit the individuals that come to our centers. I jokingly tell people that we have really created a one stop shop. It’s easier for me to tell you what we do not do than for me to tell you what we offer. We don’t deliver babies, and we don’t do surgery. Everything else we help with.”

The website continues:

Through the use of the Nepute Wellness system we have been able to successfully help people in crisis such as chronic pain, autoimmune problems, diabetes, heart disease, ADD/ADHD, digestive problems, and much more.

Dr Nepute has on hand, at the Wellness System, medical doctors and internal health doctors, among others. So there are people there with whom he is having these conversations.

However, I provide all of this information, but my point with the article yesterday was to show readers a certain viewpoint that doesn’t take a degree or credentials to have. Could the video have been better? I don’t know, maybe. Could he have left out the part about tonic water? I don’t know, maybe.

Could he have cursed less? Haha of course.

But I still think he had some relevant things to say that I hoped readers could cull and digest.

Thank you for reading this far. My apology to my readers today is for using the word “Doctor” when we are in the middle of a health crisis and people are looking for answers, when people are looking for truth. And even though I didn’t intentionally try to mislead, I know that the current context of society should have been enough to remind me to choose my words better.

And for that, I am sorry. If you shared the post yesterday, please share this one today. Thank you.



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