HOLTON: Red China And The Wuhan Virus Pandemic, Part 5

Editor’s Note: The following is Part 5 of a five-part series on the Chinese government’s role in the spread and severity of the Wuhan coronavirus. For Part One, click here. For Part Two, click here. For Part Three, click here, and for Part Four, click here.

America and the Free World will get through this Wuhan virus pandemic crisis. But when we do, we must not forget how all this started and what contributed to the panic. Communist China must be held accountable for the genesis of this virus as well as the lies and cover up that contributed to international confusion and panic. Red China is not our friend. Red China is not our business partner. Red China is the last huge outpost of a failed totalitarian system that has brought untold misery to the world—communism.

And, yes, the Red Chinese absolutely do bear responsibility for this unprecedented world crisis.

During the critical early days and weeks of the outbreak, the Red Chinese regime attempted to cover up the truth and punish doctors who wanted to warn the Chinese people and the world:

Early last December, a young doctor at a Wuhan hospital discovered the first case of illness caused by a heretofore unknown virus. He immediately established the link with an earlier epidemic that had begun in the same place and under the same circumstances, in 2002–2003: SARS, a viral pneumonia. The doctor, Li Wenliang, 37 years old, who died in February from exposure to the patients whom he cared for, had immediately posted his diagnosis on the hospital’s internal website in order to inform his colleagues. He was called before a disciplinary council of the local Communist Party and forced to repent and confess, in writing, that he had spread rumors harmful to the glory of the Party. A month later—a month too late—after further suppressing evidence from brave medical professionals, the Party recognized the explosive nature of the epidemic, which could have been confined to Wuhan but was now spreading throughout China, and then the world.

In a breach of usual global practice, Red Chinese officials refused to allow health officials from other countries to have unfettered access to data about the virus and its spread.  Only when it exploded in Wuhan (a major air and rail transportation hub with people spreading the virus elsewhere in China and around the world) was China forced to admit the nature of the epidemic.  But they still concealed much of the truth.

Eventually, to add insult to injury, an official communist party publication put out the absurd allegation that the US Army planted the virus in Wuhan.

What may have started out as simple malfeasance, incompetence or neglect on the part of the Red Chinese quickly morphed into nefariousness once it came time for them to take action and communicate with the rest of the world. As of January 14, Red Chinese officials were telling the World Health Organization  (WHO) that the Wuhan virus was not transmitted from person to person. WHO then parroted this falsehood, reporting publicly via Twitter that there was no indication that the virus was transmitted from person to person.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is personally responsible for inflicting this pandemic on the world. As 60 Minutes Australia reported:

In January President Xi Jinping made a decision that would ultimately condemn the world: allowing 5 million people to leave the epicenter of the virus without being screened.


At the same time that Red China was spreading this disinformation, they were doing something else: they were mobilizing their state-owned corporations and entities around the world to buy up medical supplies (such as the protective masks and hand sanitizer that have become so scarce in America and elsewhere) and ship them back to China.

The Sidney Morning Herald in Australia was the most prominent publication to report the details of this activity, but reports have started coming in from around the world, including here in the U.S. about similar shipments headed to China in January and February.

If all that wasn’t enough, now Red China appears to be cashing in on the pandemic by selling medical supplies to other countries and, as it turns out, at least a portion of those supplies have been defective, like the sale of substandard testing kits to Spain that were manufactured by a Chinese company that wasn’t licensed to manufacture them. Red China also victimized the Czech Republic with faulty test kits.

Speaking of World Health Organization, WHO seems to be all-too willing to buy Red Chinese excuses and repeat propaganda to the world. Maybe that’s because the head of WHO, Tedros Adhanom, owes his job to Red Chinese influence at the UN. Tedros has praised China for “transparency” and called their response a model for other nations to follow. Meanwhile, data reported by the Washington Post indicates that the actual number of deaths in China from the Wuhan virus number in the 42,000 to 46,000 range, more than 16 times what the communists admit to. The US intelligence community also suspects that Red China is lying about the extent of the Wuhan virus pandemic in China, including the number of deaths. The British believe that Red China may have 40 times as many virus cases as it acknowledges.

WHO can’t even say they weren’t warned and geopolitics appears to have played a role in what seems to have been a deliberate decision to ignore those warnings. You see, Taiwan, which has done a stellar job of controlling the spread of the Wuhan virus on their island, warned WHO that the virus was contagious. Weeks later, WHO was still parroting Red Chinese propaganda that the virus did not appear to pass from humans to humans. WHO has a record of neglecting and ignoring Taiwan because of Red China’s influence over the organization.

That’s a shame because Taiwan is one of the real success stories in this tragic pandemic.


WHO’s performance in this pandemic has been so shameful that the Oxford University publication Our World Data recently announced that they will no longer use the organization’s data. In other words, the very organization at the UN that is supposed to lead the international effort to control a pandemic has been rendered a retrograde force by communist corruption.

At this point we don’t know for sure how the Wuhan virus started. There are several theories out there involving the Wuhan research facility and the so-called “wet markets” in close proximity to that facility, but all the current evidence is circumstantial. Nevertheless, the circumstantial evidence pointing to the Wuhan Institute of Virology is extremely compelling.

No doubt the Red Chinese regime will destroy any evidence pointing to the actual origin, including “disappearing” doctors who have tried to tell the truth. Foreign journalists who have looked into what has been going on in China have been expelled for daring to tell the truth. The Red Chinese are going to extraordinary lengths to ensure that they control the flow of information about the pandemic. The Trump administration is pushing back by considering expelling the large numbers of Chinese “journalists” working for Red Chinese state-run media outlets here in America. There is no such thing as a true journalist in Red China. All of the “journalists” that President Trump is considering expelling are all employees and agents of the Red Chinese government.

There is no possible legitimate excuse for Red China lying, misleading and concealing information about the virus once it was starting to spread. The Red Chinese have the blood of Americans, Italians, Iranians and scores of other nationalities on their hands as a result.

For perhaps the first time in modern history, a U.S. administration has embarked on a real challenge to Red Chinese lies and propaganda

The Trump Administration is mounting the nation’s first challenge to the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party since President Nixon opened up to Chairman Mao. This crucial effort is in response to Beijing’s repeated accusations that the United States military is behind the COVID-19 virus.

…a strategic, coordinated effort appears to be emerging to counter Beijing’s sophisticated, multi-part propaganda strategy to deflect blame away from its own coverups, disinformation, and censorship.

Red China’s propaganda machine is formidable and is unfortunately often aided by Western, even American, media. Most Americans aren’t exposed to the raw data put out by the Red Chinese. The Center for Security Policy’s Dr. J. Michael Waller is maintaining an ongoing tracker of Chinese communist party propaganda. It can be accessed at CommunistPropaganda.com…or at:


America is at a crossroads. If the Wuhan virus doesn’t wake us up to the threat posed by the 21st century Evil Empire in Beijing, then nothing will. And if we don’t wake up to that threat, we will be sentencing ourselves and the rest of the world to permanent subservience to communist domination. Ronald Reagan’s words are even more powerful and relevant today than they were in 1964 when he delivered them:


“You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness.”



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