HOLTON: Red China And The Wuhan Virus Pandemic, Part 4

Editor’s Note: The following is Part 3 of a five-part series on the Chinese government’s role in the spread and severity of the Wuhan coronavirus, this one covering the increasing, and dangerous, amount of trade with Red China. For Part One, click here. For Part Two, click here. And for Part Three, click here.

Over the past three decades American jobs and manufacturing infrastructure have been increasingly moved across the Pacific Ocean to Red China.

This was mainly done in the name of “free trade” and globalization (never mind the fact that there has never been anything “free” about Red China—every business entity has at least 51% ownership by some government entity, including the People’s Liberation Army).

To be sure, some Americans have benefited from cheap labor and disregard for things like human rights and environmental protection by moving operations to China. At the same time, even more Americans have benefited from lower prices for products produced by cheap labor in China.

On the other hand, a lot of Americans lost their jobs over the past three decades as business operations were moved to Red China.

So there is a price to be paid for benefits. Nothing is free. Moreover, as I pointed out in part 3 of this report, sending all that business to Red China enriched the communist party there and enabled them to embark upon a massive military modernization and build-up.

But there have been other costs involved with choosing Red China as the destination for all sorts of manufacturing processes. Red China’s record when it comes to consumer product safety and responsibility has been nothing short of monstrous. Furthermore, it has allowed the Red Chinese to threaten to hold us hostage.

Consider the fact that Red China now reportedly manufactures as much as 80% of the pharmaceutical drugs consumed in the United States. As the Wuhan virus crisis began escalating and the Red Chinese began to take some heat, how did they respond?

They threatened to cut off the flow of medicines to the U.S.

That is not how a friend or business partner would act. Fortunately, there are initiatives in the works to bring that manufacturing back home.

But even before the Wuhan virus, there were examples of why it was a bad idea to let Red Chinese standards and practices be in charge of manufacturing our medicine.


Take the case of Valsartan, the popular high blood pressure medicine which was manufactured in Red China and had to be removed from the market because inspections revealed that it was laced with carcinogens.

The Wuhan Virus is certainly not the first toxic export from Red China. Trade ties with, and supply chains dependent upon, Red China have left a trail of misery in America for decades:

Ask yourself as our lives are put on indefinite hold, has enriching the Red Chinese while they poison us with diseases and toxic substances and use the proceeds to build weaponry been worth it in your mind?

Are you better off today because a generation of our politicians and businesspeople chose to outsource American manufacturing and jobs to Red China?

Fortunately, President Trump understands the situation and is prepared to lead America based on the reality of the world and not pie in the sky promises that communists are good friends and business partners…

“We should never be reliant on a foreign country for the means of our own survival….This crisis has underscored just how critical it is to have strong borders and a robust manufacturing sector….Our goal for the future must be to have American medicine for American patients, American supplies for American hospitals, and American equipment for our great American heroes. Now both parties must unite to ensure America is truly an independent nation in every sense of the word.”—President Donald J. Trump



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