Read What John Bel Edwards’ Health Department Told Leges About Abortion Clinics…

…which they’re continuing to allow to do their work while legitimate businesses all over the state are shut down per the governor’s order. If you can make sense out of this gibberish, you’re doing better than the leges who sent this to us.

“Medical facilities are not required to be closed under the governor’s order. In an effort to preserve PPE, on March 22, LDH issued an order to all licensed medical facilities requiring them to postpone all medical and surgical procedures that are non-emergent and further provides guidelines for emergency situations. Many facilities that only perform non-emergent medical and surgical procedures have opted to close because procedures are not being conducted. To the extent a medical facility offers medical consultation and treatment that are not medical and surgical procedures, their operation is not prohibited under LDH’s order.”

Abortion clinics are performing abortions. We know this is happening – it’s being meticulously documented. Police officers are harassing protesters and religious witnesses outside of Delta Women’s Clinic in Baton Rouge, despite the fact those witnesses are wearing gloves and masks as safeguards against the Wuhan virus. But nothing is being done about the fact the abortion clinics are performing abortions.

Does this statement purport to say that abortions are “emergency” surgeries? Or that abortions are not surgical procedures?

It would seem they’ve got to be saying one or the other.

Edwards has claimed he’s a “pro-life” governor, a claim the leges are less and less impressed by. He hasn’t lifted a finger to do anything of value in support of that claim. He’s signed legislation which has passed with veto-proof majorities, which is meaningless – those bills would have become law with or without him. But has he spoken out against other Democrats who have made extreme statements, like for example Virginia’s awful Ralph Northam who raised Edwards $100,000 in campaign cash? No. Has he lent budgetary support to Attorney General Jeff Landry’s fight to defend Louisiana’s admitting-privileges law? No.

And is he making sure abortion clinics are at least as inhibited by his economic lockdown order as department stores or nail salons?


The leges are less than pleased. There is now a petition being circulated by State Rep. Rick Edmonds we invite our readers to sign, which asserts that abortion is not an essential function. We predict this petition will gain wide participation, and will likely become a major embarrassment to the governor.

If it does, it’s his own fault. When law enforcement in Louisiana is ticketing pastors for holding church services but not stopping abortions as part of Edwards’ shutdown order, it’s a combination of incompetence and dishonesty which is hard to ignore.

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