PERRICONE: A Very Critical Juncture In American History

We, Americans, are at a very critical juncture in our history. For those of us who are students of history, we understand this, for history is the science of human behavior while acting under stress. And God knows we are under stress.

Our country is under assault, and most people don’t see it. That’s dangerous. Slowly, and almost imperceptively, we are forfeiting our rights under the aegis of a medical emergency. I don’t doubt for one instant that we have a medical emergency, but I question its origin and purpose, as we all should.

Dispositive assertions, like our society will never be the same, should frighten everyone more than a high fever. For those who are making those assertions are not focused on the virus, but its long term political and sociological consequences. Serious medical scientists are focused on restoring our health and making America great again–not transforming it to some dystopia where a select few profit from the sufferings of many. But it’s happening, and it’s happening as I write this.

Those of you who know me, know that I spent nearly 40 years in law enforcement at various levels. I caught burglars and communists. I have seen things, like many cops, that can not be unseen. And I have suffered for it–sometimes willingly. Why? Because I took an oath with no expiration date.

I am Catholic and a Christian and believe in the inextricable ties we have with Judaism. You can’t have one without the other. So, as we are now in Holy Week and the Tridiuum is upon us, our methods of worshiping during this most sacred of weeks are being altered by civil and secular forces. And this alteration is not transient, it is designed to be permanent by those who stand to profit from our subjugation–if we let them.

So here is the essence of my message today,and it is directed at our law enforcement personnel across our country. You, like many of us who are retired now, took and oath, which had no expiration date. You swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States and defend it from all enemies, foreign and domestic. These were not idle words–they are sacred. If you didn’t mean it then, how can you mean it now. But if you meant it then, you must act now.

DO NOT infringe upon your fellow Americans’ rights which are enshrined in our Constitution. You have a covenant with the people you serve, be it in a small town, big city or our nation. The covenant is the same. DO NOT follow unconstitutional orders that infringe upon the people you serve. Trust me. The day is coming when you will receive orders, disguised as something for the public good, but with no end in sight. You will become armed pawns with orders to suppress the American people for their own good. DO NOT follow those orders.

Globalists know that the front line of America’s defense are our police, then the National Guard, then the Military. They need to control all three to control the people of the United States. Please understand this, for it’s coming and coming steadily, but slowly. You are our defenders and took and oath to do just that. You promised and covenanted to protect the oppressed from the oppressors. Your time has come to honor that oath.


Most of you were not born when I pinned on my first badge. Things were very different then. We had our challenges, but nothing like what you face today. But one thing remains constant and that is OUR constitution, the one you swore to uphold and defend. So, take a moment to read what you swore to defend. It’s online. And be alert to anyone or anything that would attempt to defeat it, even someone masquerading in surgical scrubs.

Doctors, like lawyers have their own opinions. You ask ten lawyers their opinion about a legal issue, you will get ten opinions. The same with doctors. Do the best you can to study the issues because America is depending on you. You are no longer being called upon to direct traffic or investigating a fender bender. You are now called upon to defend our Constitution and our Freedoms.

God Bless and keep you safe. I know us “old-timers” stand behind you and will defend you, if you need it.

If anyone knows anyone in law enforcement on any level, please feel free to share this.

Thank you,



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