MARSH MAN MASSON: How Can You NOT See These Fish?

No matter the season, Ty Hibbs ( spends most of his days staring through polarized sunglass lenses at the surface of water so shallow it wouldn’t drown even Ben Shapiro or Mike Bloomberg. Hibbs is looking for fins, tails, heads, spots or wakes — anything to give him clues about the presence of redfish.

Sometimes the reds are solos; other times, they’re roaming in loose packs, navigating around grass beds, searching for mullets, crabs, cocahoes and more to stuff into their always cavernous bellies.

Hibbs likes to add white Matrix Craws to the fish’s menu, and they usually act grateful for the variety.

They certainly were on a trip we took this week to the waters of northern Plaquemines Parish. Hibbs stood on a short casting platform behind his constantly whirring Minn Kota, and cast almost non-stop to redfish that kept popping up seemingly out of the thick layer of detritus that lined the shallow ponds.

Hibbs put fish after fish after fish in the boat, but luckily for the aquatic creatures — as well as the rest of Louisiana anglers — he tagged and released all but two that he invited as the guests of honor at that night’s dinner.

The incredible action stopped only when Hibbs sent a drone into the heavens to peer down on the ponds and search for schools of reds. The footage he captured was truly breathtaking, and is included in the video below. Check it out to see all the details of the fantastic trip.

Like the video? Please give it a thumbs-up, and subscribe to the Marsh Man Masson channel on YouTube. Also, leave a comment below or on the YouTube page. Have you ever been sight-fishing? How adept are you at seeing the fish? What are some tricks you’ve discovered to help you spot them?

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