APPEL: Choose The American Dream, Or Marxism – But Not Both

Is it possible that America has lost its collective mind.? Are we ready to surrender our cherished freedoms to Marxism that was once concealed but now is in plain view personified as the mainline Democratic Party?

If the polls and the media are to be believed, we are acting as a vast army of lemmings marching over the cliff to our own doom. For generations America has been the world’s economic and international miracle. Everyone looked to us, voluntarily or not, as the standard of stability, strength, and morality by which all else is judged. So much so that millions of legal and illegal aliens have beaten a path to our doors to escape from dangers and lack of opportunities in their native lands. By a wide margin we in America have the highest standard of living and quality of life of any major country in history. In our America, as measured by world standards, the poor are not poor. But we seem hell bent on giving that all up.

Perhaps two or three generations ago, except for ours, most countries were governed as monarchies. Some had limits on monarchical power, most did not. After two world wars the monarchies are gone, and the world is generally split between socialist/communist economic systems and capitalist economic systems. But since socialism is contrary to human nature, it must be buttressed up by regime structures in which personal freedom is surrendered to centralized government. For the most part, in these nations, dictatorial power is the support that props up socialism. Capitalism, on the other hand, allows citizens to individually prosper under the light hand of government. Sure, there is risk to the individual, but social safety nets mitigate such risks. Countries where capitalism is practiced generally maintain democratically elected, republican forms of government in which personal freedom is paramount.

History makes clear the worldwide success of capitalism and the failure, in all its forms, of socialism. The most obvious example was the implosion of the USSR and that regime’s imperial collapse. A collapse rapidly followed by the rebirth of Central Europe in the form of democratic, capitalist countries.

But though history has proven that the American economic and social model is the best that ever was, there are those who still cling to the notion that we should abandon all in favor of a misbegotten dream of a socialist Nirvana. To achieve their goals these unhappy souls have turned a fundamental principle of the American psyche against us.

Americans have always sought after the American Dream, one well-stated definition being,

“The American Dream is the belief that anyone, regardless of where they were born or what class they were born into, can attain their own version of success in a society where upward mobility is possible for everyone.”

But here in lies the problem, though the Dream is still very much alive among all our citizens, it has been co-opted by a socialist mindset that found fertile earth because of self-inflicted educational indoctrination and media complicity. Under a barrage of propaganda from media allies, socialist activists have convinced the minorities and then many in the current generation that there is a segment of society, be it White people, Jews, Asians, or others, that stand squarely in the doorway blocking their avenue to success. Never mind that as noted we are by far the richest large nation in history, never mind that living in a free society does not mean that everything is free. Never mind that the American Dream only allows one the opportunity, and not the guarantee of success. The “Big Lie” is that segments of our people cannot succeed because we an unjust society.

“The American Dream is achieved through sacrifice, risk-taking, and hard work, rather than by chance”.


Socialist thought leaders have successfully promoted the concept of that vast conspiracy against minorities, but what they have carefully hidden is that their followers are already the product of the American Dream. We watch every evening as obviously educated, well off anarchists decry the very system that allows them to enjoy the right to do so. They are in fact the fruition of the American Dream of their forebears, and they have more opportunities open to them today than their parents did. But for reasons not obvious to the rest of us, they have turned to violence and destruction in their attempt to convince the rest of America to abandon its trust in the American Dream in exchange for a Socialist Dream. And like sheep to the slaughter, Democratic leaders at all levels either are complicit by their silence or actively support this revolution.

Even as our cities burn under the torch of socialist demands, let us stand strong in defense of our American Dream, not the corrupted version of the Dream that socialist leaders and their media allies would have us believe in. No, let us defend the American Dream that made us the strongest nation in history, the Dream so eloquently phrased centuries ago by the words; “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

The America that has been looked up to as the leader of the world is worth saving. We must meet falsehood with truth, evil with justice, criminality with law. We must not let complacency allow socialists the time and pathway to undermine our society. We must not allow the propaganda spewed by the media blind us from the truth.

The American Dream is real and is alive for all. It is our time to fight those who would make America just one other country in a panoply of failed socialist dream states.

I am not going over that cliff, will you join me in standing on solid ground?



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