GURVICH: The Decline And Fall Of The Louisiana Democrat Party

The recent resignation of its two most senior and long-serving party officials speaks volumes about the current state of the Louisiana Democratic Party. True, Chairman Karen Carter Peterson and Executive Director Steven Handwerk are leaving the LDP as a markedly diminished force in Louisiana politics, but we are not suggesting that this is primarily their fault. No, the problems which the Louisiana Democratic Party is experiencing are primarily due to the internal contradictions between the Democrat Party’s various factions and the differing political views they espouse.

As the party moves further leftwards and becomes more Marxist and less able to resist the totalitarian tendencies inherent in this false doctrine, religious Democrats must be appalled by the attacks on Christians with their attendant anti-family and anti-values rhetoric. Hard working Louisiana Democrats must question the never ending push for higher taxes, the need for more and more job-killing regulations, and the specific targeting of our crucial oil and gas industry.

Louisiana Democrats who cannot afford private schooling for their kids must wonder why their party forces their children into failing public schools while fighting tooth and nail against school choice. And most Louisiana Democrats must be increasingly concerned by the intimidation and mob violence which their party refuses to condemn.

These are just some of the reasons why the Louisiana Democratic Party continues its long decline, and why it will do nothing to halt it. Thus it would be unfair to fault the party’s departing leaders for the loss during their tenure of a U. S. Senate seat, the many lost seats in both chambers of the Louisiana legislature, the loss of hundreds of other elected offices throughout the state, or even the loss of tens of thousands of registered Democrat voters.

You may rest assured that this epic failure will continue on long after the departure of the chair and the executive director from the Louisiana Democratic Party. This is because there is an alternative to the high taxes, failing schools, anti-American self-hatred, mob violence and intimidation which the Democrat Party overtly espouses or quietly refuses to condemn.


That alternative is the Republican Party of Louisiana, a party which is the opposite of the Louisiana Democratic Party in almost every respect. As the Democrats have declined in Louisiana, so we have gained, and for all the right reasons: We oppose higher taxes and more regulations. We support school choice and we fight for the future of our working men and women. We support our country and the foundations upon which it was built, and most of all, we support your freedom to think and act according to your conscience.

If these causes appeal to you, a quick visit to the website or a trip to your local registrar of voters is all you need to do to become a member of the LAGOP. We would be proud to welcome you into our ranks! And if you’re already a Republican, please send this message to your Democrat and independent friends.


Louis Gurvich, Chairman

Republican Party of Louisiana



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