BAYHAM: Trump Makes His Case For Re-Election

The media, the Democrats, and the disestablished Vichy GOP have had four years to dog pile on Donald Trump, and they’ve done so with gusto.

It is unprecedented and unthinkable for a president to literally go an entire term without a single good news day but this should’ve been expected when the rigged journalism racket that serves as the gatekeepers and narrative tainters of mainstream reporting are also poorly concealed partisans of the “resistance.”

Though as a sitting president you’d think Donald Trump would possess some kind of advantage in pushing his side but that has not been so, forcing Trump to travel across the fruited plain, holding mega MAGA rallies to directly address the American people unfiltered.

And then the COVID-19 pandemic closed that avenue.

Battered in the press and performing poorly in polls, Trump needed to have a strong Republican National Convention to set the record straight. Though a combination of the virus, unfriendly city and state administrations in the host site, and the collapse of the Jacksonville last-second audible were ominous omens about the convention.

Yet through improvising, Trump and his team crafted an excellently-produced four day defense of his administration and a challenge to the bunker-bound and media protected opaque opposition.

The broadcasts not only went off smoothly but the speakers provided compelling statements in support of Trump’s re-election and eviscerated the alternative.

And with the high profile GOP “defections,” a term I use loosely as they were never truly on our side in the first place, these paragons of the Republican establishment went AWOL.

Their presence was neither missed in 2016 nor today.

The voices of the aged Beltway profiteers and operatives who regularly mowed down the party’s grassroots activists (the consultants don’t make commissions off door-knocking by volunteers) were replaced by those of ordinary Americans with extraordinary life experiences shared with moving sincerity with the rest of the country.

America saw that this is no longer the Republican Party of the moneyed Bush-McCain-Romney Axis but that of Maximo Alvarez, Ja’Ron Smith, and Natalie Harp- people without a high profile but individuals whose respective stories underscoring the reality that elections do matter.

The Trump GOP isn’t racist but remarkably diverse without pandering as for the first time in decades we have a president who eagerly engages with voting blocs that have been long neglected by the Republican establishment still clinging to an anachronistic “run up the score on whites” model that has not been feasible for a while.

Trump and his team shrewdly put the spotlight on the direct beneficiaries to his policies, from those who attained release from prison through criminal justice reform to the small business owners who’ve managed to keep their doors open throughout the COVID crisis.


Nick Sandmann and Tiffany Trump called out the pervading cancel culture constricting free speech on college campuses and social media and Ann Dorn, the window of murdered St Louis police officer David Dorn, illuminated the real costs of riots and mass looting.

Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence framed the choice in November not as a contest between parties but a referendum on the legitimacy of America.

Unfortunately that is not an exaggeration.

The leftist syndicate of academia, popular culture, the media, and the Democratic Party and its auxiliary organizations have spent decades planting the seeds of national self-loathing and the time is nigh for their bitter harvest.

For the first time in my life the Republicans presented a view of our party that looks and sounds like America in lieu of a country club. The people and their stories are real just as are the consequences of this election.

The 2020 Republican National Convention, even in truncated form, may go down as the most relevant since 1976, when the defeated challenger to the incumbent president essentially planted his flag on the 1980 nomination in an impromptu speech.

This week President Trump finally got to make his case and brilliantly did so while simultaneously issuing an indictment to the other side (the Democratic Party and their sundry confederates) and their cameo candidate for the White House.

The game and national narrative has been reset.



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