GURVICH: The Just-Concluded GOP Grand Slam

Oh, what a speech it was! Following a muffed pitch thrown by the Democrats at their convention last week, the President, and quite frankly the whole Republican line-up, repeatedly hit the ball out of the park during the four-day Republican National Convention which ended last night.

The final grand slam took place over a seventy-minute span in the White House Rose Garden. Yes, the President did indeed make a long speech, but necessarily so. It took all of seventy minutes to showcase the stark contrast between Joe Biden’s ruinous vision for America and Donald Trump’s proven formula for restoring the country’s greatness.

Watch the whole thing below, if you haven’t seen it.

Unlike the Democrats, the President laid out a clear vision and direction for our country, all the more comprehensible because he has already achieved it once. That he will once again be successful cannot be much in doubt, and America desperately needs his energy to quickly recover from this pandemic. We cannot afford a repeat of the long, slow, and painful recovery which eluded the Obama/Biden administration for two full terms, and that from a less serious economic recession than the pandemic-caused monster that we are now facing.

In a final failed attempt to drown out the speech (and there were many attempts to disrupt the Republican convention over the previous four days), threatening and unruly crowds assaulted police and intimidated bystanders within yards of the White House. Having now parted ways with traditional liberal values such as freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, the Democrats‘ firm embrace of violence, anarchy, and socialism was on full display.

And Joe Biden remained true to that dark vision. He and his followers (or should we say ‘handlers’) all failed to call out and condemn the nationwide violence for the entire four days that the Democrats held the national stage. In fact they knowingly maintained the fiction that peaceful protesters were being assaulted by hordes of vicious police; that is until the videos of looters, burning buildings and wrecked vehicles belied their false narrative and Joe Biden began falling in the polls.


And so here we are, just over two months away from perhaps the most consequential presidential election in living memory. The choice could not be in starker relief: If you believe that because America is not perfect, it must be substantially overhauled and rebuilt on some vague and ever-changing principles of “social justice,” then Joe Biden is your man. (You are also more likely to condone huge and endless government programs, to justify mob rule and intimidation, and to condone the confiscation of other people’s property, by the way.)

On the other hand, if you believe that America was founded on fundamental principles of justice as embodied in our Bill of Rights; that by and large we have remained true to these principles; and that America has been a force for good in the world and an enormous creator of human wealth and potential, then Donald Trump is your man.

Reduced to its most basic elements, the choice is between a failed social justice experiment and the horrors it has wrought on the world over the last two centuries, and America as we have always known it. The choice should not be difficult…

Louis Gurvich, Chairman
Republican Party of Louisiana



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