PERRICONE: The Coming Mail-In Balloting Scam

Wake up America. The control-lusting bolsheviks are beginning to establish another predicated for mail-in ballots.

They have been successful in getting the American population habituated and conditioned to wearing a mask. We dutifully complied.

Next, they are telling us we need to be vaccinated and a computer geek is leading the charge. We will probably comply.

New York and New Jersey toss infected people into nursing homes like hand grenades to reduce the a demographic which would probably vote conservative. Plus the Nursing home industry is a very strong lobby in all states and they can bill at higher rates for COVID patients. Plus they can gather personal data from the deceased.

Then the Democrats want to close schools. This is another control tactic aimed at the nuclear family, not to mention the economy, while denying people a venue to cast their ballots.


Feel the stress yet?

Now, the communist Mayor of New York is adding an additional layer of social control, with check points. They will start with commuters, then residents, with the final result being you can’t go out and vote on November 3, 2020. This will happen in other cities, too.

Starting keeping a log of every control device the bolshevik bastards are employing on an incremental basis. Slowly, you will not be able to leave your home, unless you are going to gather food. They need you to be alive to vote the way they want you to, but remember the are masters of persuading the dead to vote, too. Especially the ones they killed in nursing homes.

About the end of September or the first week of October, they will start eliminating the polls where one can vote, even with a mask on. Thus forcing you to vote by mail and handing the Presidency of the United States to an enfeebled klutz, who has one rabid communist or another as his running mate. Biden will resign the presidency next summer and we will have a communist as the President of the United States.

Where am I wrong?

Do you feel controlled yet?

Are you awake yet?



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