APPEL: 47 Years vs. 47 Months

I decided to make a comparison of the two candidates, in light of President Trump’s tweet over the weekend about their relative accomplishments. In case you missed it, here it was…

My comparison does not include anything that Obama did for which Biden is now taking credit, or for which he should take criticism.


Trump (years in office – almost 4)

  • Oversaw strongest economy in modern history
  • Incredibly high stock market (2x) vastly increasing pension and retirement savings
  • Strong jobs and stock market rebound from a pandemic caused recession
  • Early in the epidemic closed borders with China and later Europe against opposition from Biden
  • Controlled illegal immigration, building wall
  • Rebuilt a depleted military
  • Rebuilt US stockpile of PPE that was depleted under Obama
  • Massive manufacturing of ventilators
  • Destroyed ISIS
  • Eliminated two of the worst terrorist leaders
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Funding for HBCUs
  • Success in Mid-East peace (more to come)
  • Took affirmative steps to return manufacturing to the US
  • Stood up to China and demanded that they play fair on trade
  • Created Operation Warp Speed that should have a COVID vaccine in amazingly short time
  • Reduced taxes
  • Energy independence eliminating coercion from other energy producing countries
  • Low fuel prices for consumers
  • Reduced government red tape
  • Parental Choice for education
  • Reduced US troops overseas and ended wasteful wars
  • Demanded that NATO countries pay their committed share
  • Strongest sanctions against Russia and Iran
  • Most accessible President in history
  • Strong FEMA response to natural disasters
  • Support for traditional law and order

Biden (years in office – 47)

  • Passed criminal justice crackdown that resulted in imprisonment for millions of Black Americans and broken families
  • Allowed his family to ride his coattails to personal riches

I am sure there are more accomplishments for both candidates, but this is a start. Anybody got any additions you’d like to make to the list?



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