Can Joe Biden Survive The Questions About His Sex-Trafficking Son?

The Senate Republicans issued a report yesterday which was not at all complimentary of Hunter Biden, painting a picture of the Democrat presidential nominee’s uber-wayward son as having taken a $3.5 million payment, or bribe, or whatever, from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow and having had some sort of financial relationship – at minimum – with several Eastern European women who were involved in prostitution, sex trafficking and pornography.

It would be the greatest scandal in the history of American presidential politics, and based on what we already know about Hunter Biden not a single word of it is remotedly outlandish or beyond belief. Hunter Biden is a proven out-and-out industrial-grade scumbag, whose scumbag exploits have clearly been facilitated by his old-school crooked-pol father. And this isn’t some titillating tabloid narrative; it matters, because if you make Joe Biden president you make Hunter Biden untouchable for four years – and when he’s already shown to have been playing footsie not just with the Chinese Communist Party but the Chinese military, and giving them access to dual-use technology and worse through shady, crooked deals he’s made with his well-funded startup companies, one wonders exactly how much damage this stripper-screwing, deadbeat dad crackhead could do with the paternal protection of the President of the United States.

So yeah, it’s an extremely valid question for reporters covering the presidential campaign to ask No-Show Joe: what role did you play in enabling or facilitating your son’s highly-outrageous criminal conduct which may or may not have included playing a role in a sex-trafficking ring?

But ask that question of Joe Biden and what you get is bluster and BS and hot denials.

What you don’t get, of course, is a substantive explanation having any probative value. You get fussed at, as though you have just awakened a sleeping dog. Biden will give you the stink-eye and then repeat inanities with a manufactured outrage that to the uninformed and stupid will appear as righteous indignation.


And then his staff will make sure to ban you from future press events Team Biden puts on during days when they haven’t dropped a “lid” on the campaign before noon.

But how long can they manage this before it starts to become an embarrassment which has to be dealt with?

That’s a good question, and also one which won’t be asked enough by the legacy media to produce a real answer. Because Team Biden doesn’t have any real answers. All they have is “Orange Man Bad,” without any justification for their own candidate’s manifest unfitness for the job.



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