GURVICH: Democrat Hypocrisy, Supreme Court Style

I should like to dedicate this article and express my heartfelt thanks to the man who made the nomination of President Trump’s pending Supreme Court pick possible. Yes, none other than former Senate Majority Leader (later Minority Leader) Harry Reid.

You recall Senator Reid, of course? Surely he could not have been forgotten so quickly?He was yet another Democrat swamp creature, in fact an especially dangerous Tyrannosaur who lorded over a significant portion of the Washington, D. C. landscape, serving as a Democrat member of the United States Senate for thirty years. Although this is admittedly a short span of time compared to the forty-seven year career of Joseph Biden, in his day Senator Reid was every bit as dangerous as Joe Biden, if not quite as corrupt and self-serving or nearly as gaffe-prone.

It was Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who, in 2013, effectively eliminated the filibuster rule for almost all presidential appointees. Now this rule had long afforded significant protections to the Senate minority. It effectively required a sixty vote majority to confirm federal judicial nominees and executive office appointments, rather than a simple majority.


But Obama had already declared this arrangement a “Jim Crow era” contrivance, and Senator Reid duly remarked that the Senate “must evolve”, and evolve it did under his leadership as the filibuster was all but completely eliminated at a stroke. From there it was but a short step to its full demise, a step quickly taken in 2017 when a Republican Senate majority returned the favor as Democrats filibustered the nomination of the eminently qualified Neil Gorsuch. Thus we can ultimately thank Senator Reid for the Supreme Court nomination that we are now eagerly awaiting.

And do not pay the least attention as Democrats protest and howl that Supreme Court nominations should never be made in presidential election years- this has already occurred no less than twenty-five times in the history of our Republic. President Trump will very soon take advantage of Senator Reid’s short-sightedness to give us another great nominee; let us pray to God that she be swiftly approved!


Louis Gurvich, Chairman
Republican Party of Louisiana



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