Redemption Story: the Father Effect [video]

A new video published online tells the story of John Finch’s journey to forgiveness, and also highlights the impact that fathers have on the lives of their children–for good or for bad.

Finch is the founder of a movement, a documentary, and a book about God’s forgiveness and the lifelong impact fathers have on their children. The Father Effect is an outreach of the nonprofit organization, Perfect Father Ministries.

Its website shares free videos and testimonials about how people’s lives have changed when they start to understand and have compassion for their fathers who might have abused them, abandoned them or been unloving and absent in other ways.

Prison Fellowship Ministry volunteers in Colorado said that sharing the Father Effect message with inmates was very much needed because many of the men they met came from homes with absent fathers. The message Finch delivers has helped bring healing and restoration into their lives, they argue.

One of the ministry’s goals is also to provide the book and video to at least 2,400 inmates every year.

The group’s hope is that one million people will watch the movie for free on YouTube and begin the process of healing. The video is also available with Spanish subtitles.



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