I Did The Livingston Parish Thread Podcast, And Here’s How That Went

This podcast goes an hour or so, and if you want, essentially, a video compendium of everything we’ve written here at The Hayride about Louisiana’s failed response to COVID-19 and the halting efforts by the Louisiana legislature to reopen the state, it’s for you.

The Livingston Parish Thread is a video podcast Brandon Browning, who is a real estate agent with Keller Williams in Denham Springs, has started up over the last few months, and it has picked up a pretty good bit of momentum. It’s got around 300 subscribers on YouTube, which is a good early number for a local podcast, and Brandon has had some good guests on his show.

Which, last Friday, included me.

What’s in this discussion is everything up to the events of last weekend, when it came out that the Legislature would call a special session to address the COVID-19 shutdowns. Not much has happened on that score since Monday, so the discussion is pretty current and up to date. I’m even speculating in here about what a special session could entail.

There’s also a little bit of national politics, in which I express a less-than-superlative view of the choice of Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s running mate and a similar opinion of Biden’s overall campaign effort six weeks out from the federal election on November 3.


Brandon’s a really good podcast host, especially in that he doesn’t talk over his guests. The subject matter for most of the podcast really required the ability to walk the viewer through a lot of information, meaning this is a lot better format to discuss it than, say, a radio appearance where you have to fit everything into a five or seven minute block of time, but we’d have lost that advantage if there would have been lots of interruptions and skipping around with digressive questions. Lots of podcasters do that, and you lose the advantage of the medium when you do.

At least that’s what I notice. But like I said, he doesn’t do that, and so what you’ll see below is really pretty good.





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