PERRICONE: Don’t Let Your Freedoms Slip Through Your Fingers

One day, I don’t know when, prayerful laments will rise and ask, “[h]ow could Americans have been so stupid? Did they not know or understand the history of Communism? Why did they allow the United States, not only a country, but a way of life dedicated to freedom and liberty, slip through their fingers? What made them so unhappy that they exchanged their freedoms for a tried and failed ideology, which, at its core, is the subjugation of the individual and the yoking of every American to pull the wagon of the governmental elites whenever and wherever they lash the whip?”

It will never happen? It already has, and most Americans can see it.

The chess pieces are in place to checkmate America’s freedoms. All three branches of government have been corrupted. This is not an exaggeration, and it isn’t consigned to Washington, D.C., alone. The corruption and rot now permeates our states and cities.

At the national level, we see our Congress is a fools carousel spinning incoherently and occasionally eructing some indecipherable legislation designed for Americans to follow without question. Both the House and the Senate are populated by ideologues whose only interests are their own. The people are just stepping stones to the accretion and retention of power–without limits.

Americans have witnessed the Executive Branch engage in a rapacious assault on itself, or should I be more specific–President Donald Trump. Falsely predicated investigations have tortured our country and the pain is still patent, as it was when Trump was inaugurated. Investigations, Impeachment, uncontrollable foreign viruses, riots, burning, looting, the killing of police officers are all designed to remove everything that makes America, America.

Our judicial branch is a joke. Too much politics enters into the selection of judges, on all levels. Judges are not selected for their erudition, but their connections to politicians, who demand fealty to predesigned and preordained left-wing legal precepts which have failed in other countries. Indeed, the English Philosopher and Jurist, Jeremy Bentham, once remarked, “[t]he greatest power of the lawyer is the uncertainty of the law.”


This legal precept has not gone unnoticed by the left. Indeed, they use it to their advantage. Remember Nancy Pelosi’s famous spittle about what was in the ACA (Obamacare)? Our courts are no longer palaces of justice, but casinos, where the pit bosses are the sponsoring Senators.

In forty-six days, America goes to the polls, or the polls go to some Americans, or some Americans will create the polls. Unless you have move to a spot under a bridge, you now know that this election will, like none other, drive the future course of America and the freedoms Americans will enjoy. Already, the media is using their power to threaten Americans with continued unrest, unless they vote for the Communists, who have proffered the mannequin, Joe Biden, as their candidate. The only thing standing between a radical shift in what course America, if not the world, will take is the re-election of Donald Trump. Like him or not, he is the only candidate which embodies what America stands for and has stood for, since its creation. Is it perfect? No. But since we still have people wanting to move here from other countries in droves, should tell you we still have something they want, which their native country can’t or won’t provide.

Now, we get to choose. Do we continue the path which allows the pursuit of happiness and liberty, or do we surrender the United States to Biden’s puppeteers, like AOC, Bernie Sanders, or George Soros, or Beijing? Is America still worth fighting for or will our children and grandchildren offer those prayerful laments one day mentioned above. After all, it is their future which is on the ballot on November 3, 2020.

Storm the polls.



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