BAYHAM: Biden Is The Left’s Trojan Horse Candidate

President Donald Trump did not acquit himself well in the first debate with Joe Biden, his Democratic opponent.

In fact if things don’t work out on Tuesday Trump may very well have interrupted his way out of the White House.

While the president saw the debate as an opportunity to aggressively correct the media’s unflattering deep-fried narrative on his administration, Trump should’ve looked at the live televised event from another perspective: Joe Biden standing before the cameras with no notes or teleprompter, no “You better call me Doctor” Jill Biden holding his hand, and no reshoot or edits.

Rather than hearing the truth from Trump, people needed to see the truth about the cognitive abilities of his opponent who utilized COVID-19 to avoid exposure not so much from the Red China virus but to public scrutiny.

But while Trump gave his enemies in the media the b-roll footage to reinforce their caustic narrative, Joe Biden has received Secret Service-level protective coverage from the press.

Does anyone doubt for one second that the 78-year-old former vice-president has diminished mental acuity?

And is it really a good idea to send into meetings with world leaders a president who is clearly not running on all cylinders?

This is a man who could not remember things like what office he was running for (US Senate?), who he was running against (George….?), and what our original founding document was (you know, that thing).

And we are trusting this guy to hold Communist China accountable for the virus they unleashed upon the globe?

That a President Biden will not occupy the White House at the end of the term he is seeking is apparent; the big question is how long will America have a de facto “Edith Wilson Presidency” before a “Kamala Harris Presidency” commences.

The media spent much of the 1980’s giddily speculating about then-President Ronald Reagan’s mental fog and alleged serial napping due to his advanced age yet a much older man who would make the late Admiral James Stockdale look like George Patton gets a complete pass from the “fact checkers.”

This isn’t an act of laziness by the media but outright collusion.

Considering how far they ran with baseless stories about Trump and Judge Brett Kavanaugh, you’d think that a valid concern about the mental state of a potential president is more worthy of a story to deep dive into than who Roy Moore dated in the 1970’s.

That Biden’s brain droppings are supported by actual media footage should have triggered investigation and coverage by these entities but there’s always something bad on Trump or his supporters to cover.

Besides Biden himself is irrelevant because he’s not so much a potential president but an effective Trojan Horse, for those aviators he likes to sport conceal a lot more than his age.

When James Carville, et al had a collective meltdown on MSNBC over the prospect of Bernie Sanders winning the Democratic nomination by scoring pluralities over a divided field on Super Tuesday in March (worth noting- Biden was still holding rallies during this COVID-19 period), the order went out for everyone else to drop out the race for president to support a former Veep who got embarrassed in the first three states.

As the Democrats are more racket than party, the field complied aside from an emasculated Mike Bloomberg and Bernie spoiler Liz Warren (who performed said emasculation on the billionaire).

The result was a weak Biden candidacy got propped up by the party and Sanders was relegated to a second second place finish for the nomination.


The Democratic Establishment didn’t save their party from being taken over by radicals and Socialists but rather they saved their brand from being clearly identified as such.

As President Trump deftly pointed out during the second debate, Biden had been in DC since the 1970’s- before many Americans voting in the election were even born.

All of Biden”s contemporaries from the heart of his political career are either retired or dead, which means the staffing of his administration is going to look a lot more like AOC than Joe.

And in politics, personnel is policy.

Biden is perhaps the most inconsistent presidential candidate in the history of American politics, even more so than the pair of stiffs from Boston that finagled their way to their respective parties’ nominations (Kerry ’04, Romney ’12).

And Biden’s personal exaggerations could make Al Gore blush, who struggled with the most fanciful boasts during his 2000 near-win. And then at least the media pretended to challenge him on his fudging.

It is a symptom of detachment from reality and confidence that the media won’t challenge Biden on his claims.

But America got a peek behind the curtain in the last debate when Biden slipped and conveyed to the country what he thought of what is absurdly and pejoratively classified as fossil fuels.

Transitioning from oil to what, Mr. Vice-President?

Hopes and dreams?

What Biden’s not telling you is that the real shift will be well-paid petrochemical workers transitioning to unemployment, the refineries transitioning from the US to the Third World, and America transitioning from energy independence to once again becoming an importer from not-so-friendly corners of the globe.

In short, industrial redistribution, economic decline, increased costs for warming your home during the winter, loss of tax revenues, and an increasing reliance on resources from oil-rich autocratic states since petroleum is never really going away as it’s used as a component in practically everything, from power to consumer packaging.

And it’s not just the oil that the empowered leftist bureaucracy will be coming for, as Kamala Harris and six superfluous Supreme Court Justices are packed in Biden’s Trojan Horse candidacy.

On Tuesday, you’re not voting for just a president but an entire administration.

Choose wisely.



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