GURVICH: Thoughts On Our First Million

It was years in the making but it’s done, and the Republican Party is now on our way to becoming the largest political party in Louisiana! My thanks to President Trump, our party officials and staff, elected officials, and our activists, for a job well done in topping one million registered Republican voters in the Bayou State.

Expanding and empowering our party, while strengthening our conservative principles, has been my chief goal since 2016, first as your secretary and now as your chairman. I can assure you that we aren’t finished growing–truth is, we’re just getting started! More news to follow as we celebrate this major milestone…

The 2020 Presidential election is now just thirty-one days away. In fact, early voting begins on Friday, October 16th, and the deadline to request a mail-in ballot is Friday, October 30th. As we have been repeatedly told by both sides, this is indeed one of the most important elections in American history, and I hope you’ll make arrangements to cast your ballot wherever you’ll happen to be on Election Day.

Now pollsters have repeatedly advised us that most Americans have already made the decision as to which candidates they will be voting for, and I hope that the overwhelming evidence long ago led you to the conclusion that President Trump and his fellow Republicans are the only choice for the country.

I do have one favor to ask of you. If you’ve heard me speak or read my articles over these last five years, you probably already know that my request has to do with voter and party registration. I very much want to get our Republican membership numbers up for this election, and there is still time to add 15,000-20,000 new members before the election.

Fact is, LAGOP membership has been growing steadily, and that growth has picked up strongly in recent months.  It shouldn’t take more than a very few years before we surpass the Democrat Party in total membership. That will be a tectonic change in Louisiana politics, as Democrats once dominated the political landscape.

Let me illustrate my point: In 2016, President Trump received the highest number of votes of any candidate in Louisiana history, exactly 1,178,638. Yet even today, four years later, there are still only about one million registered Louisiana Republicans, so there were nearly 200,000 more Trump voters in 2016 then there are Republicans in Louisiana even today.

What does that tell you? It tells you that a significant number of independents, other party members, and even Democrats, are basically conservative voters. Given the state of the Democrat Party today, there shouldn’t be any conservatives giving aid and comfort to a party which trashes its country’s origins, history, and accomplishments.


But does it matter to which party you belong? Yes, it does. Remember, politics at the national level is a battle involving tens of millions of people working together to achieve a common goal. Our victory in this fight depends on the success of the one American political party with a noble and untarnished history, grounded in the ideals of liberty and justice, and possessing the organizational strength necessary to defeat Progressivism and its mentors, Marxism and Anarchism. That party is, of course, the Republican Party, founded in 1854 with the specific goal of ending slavery in America. Never forget that fact, and be proud of who we are.

So the responsibility for leading the country out of the present political, moral, and economic chaos must necessarily fall on us as Republicans. There is no other major political party with the means or even the will to do so. That other major party is so mired in national self-doubt and moral contradictions of its own making as to be not only incapable of healing the country, but largely responsible for dividing it in the first place!

Our victory in 2020 is not about a few hundred federal judgeships or even a trillion dollars in the national budget going here instead of there. No, we are fighting for the very survival of the core foundational beliefs upon which our country was founded and upon which our national strength and economic prosperity are based. The issues before us are truly momentous, the political battle lines are drawn, and it is our duty as activists to carry our banner proudly and lead the charge.

About the favor I’m asking–we have reached the one million member mark, but let’s keep working to expand our party. If our leaders and activists would each commit to making five phone calls or personal contacts with friends or acquaintances whom they know are conservative minded but who aren’t yet registered Republicans, or aren’t yet registered to vote, we’ll have those 15,000-20,000 new members by November 3rd.

Call them, send them the attached registration video, or just refer them to the LAGOP website or, and they’ll receive instructions on how to register to vote or change their party registration. We need to get this done by October 5th for new voters to be able to vote on November 3rd if they register in person the old fashioned way, but we have until October 13th if they register on the website. All that most people need to do to register to vote or make a change in party affiliation is to click on and then click on Register to Vote- it’s as simple as that!



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