You Probably Don’t Even Want To Know What’s On Hunter Biden’s Laptop

The more we find out about this thing, the more we feel like we’re staring into the abyss with respect to the Hunter Biden mess and the implications it holds for America in the event Joe Biden should be elected.

What we already know from what has been released off that Mac Book hard drive is pretty disheartening.

We know that Hunter Biden got an appointment on the board of Burisma, a mobbed-up Ukrainian natural gas company which was under investigation from that country’s chief prosecutor. Burisma’s muckety-mucks explicitly asked Hunter Biden to drum up American influence to protect Burisma, and Hunter set up a meeting with a Burisma executive named Vadym Pozharskyi and his father. Joe Biden subsequently threatened to hold up a billion dollars in loan guarantees to the Ukrainian government, a credible threat since Joe Biden was the point man on American foreign policy in Ukraine at the time, unless the prosecutor, a man named Viktor Shokin, was fired.

Shokin was fired. And Hunter Biden made some $8 million off that board appointment, despite having just been kicked out of the Navy for rampant cocaine use and having zero relevant experience.

We also know that there are multiple emails on that laptop indicating business deals with Chinese companies, and just as in the case of Ukraine, Hunter was tasked to use influence to get Chinese business executives with connections to the Chinese Communist Party and that country’s intelligence services close to the White House. So much so that Jeff Zients, who served in various roles in the Obama White House and is co-chair of the Biden transition team, shepherded a group of Chinese industrialists and Communist Party bigwigs around the White House during a junket in November 2011 in what appeared to be a clear quid pro quo involving Hunter Biden and his business partners Bevan Cooney, Devon Archer and Gary Fears, all of whom had connections with the Obama-Biden administration. From those emails come discussions of massive sums of money paid to Hunter Biden, some of which he’s said to be holding for “the big guy.”

A May 13, 2017 email with the subject line “Expectations” listed expected “renumeration packages” for various individuals, including “‘H,’ apparently referring to Biden.” The Post noted that “the deal also listed ‘10 Jim’ and ‘10 held by H for the big guy?’” but did not identify the “big guy.” However, sources have told Fox News “‘the big guy’ is a reference to the former vice president.”

And from those emails come a revelation made by Hunter Biden to his daughter that “Pop” took a kick-up of half his salary, much as a mob godfather would do. That revelation would make some sense of the question why Hunter Biden, who clearly didn’t bring much of anything to the table in these transactions given his long-running drug addiction and troublesome behavior, would have been in a position to have access to this kind of money and power. The clear answer would be that Joe Biden put his son there for the express purpose of having a front man or a shill for his own illicit dealings with foreign villains.

Hunter Biden didn’t seek out that board appointment with Burisma. His father put him there as a gopher – and when the Burisma execs activated him, Joe Biden took over and solved their problems. Hunter got money for simply forwarding messages, and Joe then took his cut.

Clearly that’s what happened with the Chinese, whom Joe Biden has gone around the country giving “Come on, man!” assurances that they’re harmless and on our side while at the same time blaming Donald Trump for the Wuhan coronavirus.


We haven’t yet heard why Hunter was able to pull in a $3.5 million wire transfer from the widow of the former mayor of Moscow, who was a staunch ally and insider of Vladimir Putin’s – all while Democrats continue making the absurd and debunked claim that Trump is a Putin stooge. Perhaps that’s on his laptop. There are already indications Hunter Biden was involved in some sort of human trafficking trade in Eastern Europe.

And that gets us to the even less savory material purportedly on that laptop.

There are videos and images, some of which show off Hunter Biden’s drug addiction in disturbing technicolor. In one, we’re told, he’s doing cocaine off the rear end of someone who is far too short to be an adult.

And in others, well…

This gets even more explicit, apparently. The guy on this video is DingGang Wang, an affiliate of dissident Chinese billionaire Miles Guo – a controversial figure involved in efforts to out the Chinese government’s involvement in spreading COVID-19 and other nefarious activities and a friend of former Trump adviser Steve Bannon – who claimed to have reviewed the contents of the laptop back in September before any of this went public. Wang talks about Hunter Biden’s activities in very specific terms…

The fact that this was out as far back as September 24 is fairly damning. Pair it with Giuliani’s statements, particularly where Giuliani talks about “the next five days,” and we appear to be getting a very good look into the abyss.

It’s no wonder that Joe Biden is hiding himself away from the American public so as to avoid questions about what exactly he did to his son – and what implications that might have for what he might do to our country.



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