HOLTON: The End Of The Iranian Arms Embargo

On Sunday, 19 October 2020, the United Nations arms embargo imposed on the Islamic Republic of Iran expired.

Uninformed observers will blame the expiration on the Trump administration withdrawing from the nuclear deal that the Obama-Biden administration entered into with Iran in 2015.

That is the opposite of what has transpired.

The arms embargo expired as part of the Iranian nuclear deal.

That’s right, as part of a deal that expressly provided a path for Iran to enrich uranium to build nuclear bombs, the Obama-Biden administration agreed to lift an arms embargo against the world’s most active state sponsor of terrorism.

They also dropped charges along the way against some of the more nefarious violators of the embargo.

This news has largely been lost in the shuffle of competing news stories as we head into the last two weeks before election day in America.

It should be the biggest news story of the day.

What could have possessed Barack Obama and Joe Biden (along with John Kerry) to think it was ever going to be okay for Iran to have access to advanced weaponry?

This tragic mistake is one that could likely result in many lives being lost.

The Trump administration attempted to keep the arms embargo in place, but Russia and Communist China prevented it. This brings us to the other aspect of this news.

Now that it is no longer a violation of international law to sell or provide weapons to the Ayatollahs in Tehran, Iran will have access to the most advanced weaponry in the world outside of the U.S.A.


Iran has been weakened by economic sanctions, but Iran is not dirt poor. In fact, Iran possesses something that the Chinese communists need: oil. That oil can be used to barter for weapons.

With the ill-advised aid of Western technology, not to mention outright intellectual property theft, the Chinese have spent the past quarter century building a modern military, making great strides in every aspect of their military capability, air, sea and land.

Not only are those new Chinese weapons aimed at the US from Beijing, but China has also developed a burgeoning arms export business. Thanks to the Obama-Biden nuclear deal, Iran will now have access to those modern Chinese weapons.

There is absolutely no upside to Iran having access to modern weaponry. This development is more proof that the Iranian nuclear deal was ill-advised and dangerous on its face. Of course, given that Iran was cheating on the nuclear aspects of the deal to begin with, it was doubly damaging to world security and stability.

Thanks to this terrible error in judgment, Barack Obama and Joe Biden have created what is very likely to become a new anti-American axis in Beijing and Tehran.



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