APPEL: Biden Wants To Make America Subservient Again

Well, it didn’t take long. Under President Trump, America has been moving away from decades of relegating herself to subservience to other countries, even our economic and military competitors, in pursuit of some undefined benefits of a One World theory. Worse during the times before Trump, we were paying the lion’s share of the cost to hurt our own people.

But with the arrival of Trump, America took on a new policy line. If it is good for the American people, we will support it, if it not good for the American people we will walk away.

And walk away we did, from the World Health Organization, from the Paris Climate Accords, from the Iran Nuclear deal, from NAFTA, and on and on. America and Americans were the priority and Trump was a man of his word. But Joe Biden is a believer in One World and even before he has been officially declared the winner, he has let us know that we will be re-entering the Paris Climate Accord and the World Health Organization.

Whether you believe in human contribution to global warming or not, the Paris Accord was much more than that. It was a de facto economic weapon to transfer wealth from rich countries, especially the United States, to third world and emerging countries. So, typical of the Obama/Biden opening year when Obama went around apologizing for American greatness, it seems that Biden and his supporters cannot wait to have America once again perform a mea culpa for its success. After all, to their thinking it is morally wrong that we are successful and out of fairness we must lower the prosperity bar for ourselves to compensate those who in their mind we have taken advantage of.

Over the last year the World Health Organization has clearly demonstrated a deference to China, even perhaps allowing China to drive its policy. Trump was right to withdraw from an organization that was dominated by those who would wish us economic or physical harm. Membership at high cost did little for the United States and its politicization probably did more harm than good for the world. But if Trump was against it, Biden must be for it. So once again we will bend a knee to China on matters concerning world leadership.

Now one could say we should participate in such lofty organizations. I would agree to the extent that we should participate if the fairness doctrine worked both ways. On climate matters American technology and economic have, decade over decade, already reduced carbon emission percentages much more than China, India and other third world countries. Yet, in Paris we were penalized far more than these countries. The logic was that we had taken advantage of the climate for decades and now we must be economically penalized even as the weaker economies (amazingly China and India) can pollute to catch up to us.


We should participate in a climate agreement, but only if all agree to set day one as the base line and everyone starts with a clean slate at that time. Trump’s logic was that there was no reason to ask the American people to sacrifice just to fulfill someone else’s concept of what One World fairness should look like. He was right. Equally Trump felt that the World Health Organization was being used as political tool against us. End that and we should participate.

If Biden were going to be a strong President what he would have said was that we will rejoin such efforts, but only under certain circumstances. Primarily that the organization is not being used by our adversaries to get ahead by allowing ourselves to self-penalize because we are apologetic for our success. We do not need to apologize for anything, but as Americans we are more than happy to use our abilities and resources to help all.

Do I expect that? Of course not. Based upon his history and that of his adherents Biden will run to join up at whatever the cost. After all he too harbors the hope that, like Obama, he too will get a Nobel Prize for selling out America.



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