BAYHAM: A Vote For Checks And Balances

As you vote today, if you haven’t already voted, remember that this is the most stacked the deck has ever been against an incumbent president seeking re-election.

The establishment televised and print media are not just near unanimously against Trump but have wrecked their credibility through their blatant belligerency.

The new social media barons have gone a great leap further, outright suppressing news stories that are unflattering to their candidates.

In Washington the bureaucracy, the people whose paychecks Trump signs, have actively worked to undermine his administration and then in a truly shameless act attempted to monetize said betrayal.

Those whose abuse of office and power have been exposed have felt few if any consequences.

The US House of Representatives have stymied his attempt to provide greater relief to tens of millions of Americans who have suffered from the COVID economy. In fact at the very time the Corinavirus had spread around Wuhan, China, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whose position makes her privy to this kind information, pushed through a bogus impeachment exercise.

And that’s before taking into account the entertainment industry, whose programming is so partisan that shows like Saturday Night Live ought to be registered as a political action committee.

And that’s just how things stand on November 3rd.

But what happens on January 20, 2021 if Joe Biden wins?

First, the Democrats will work to engineer a new kind of political environment to make a future Republican victory difficult if not impossible. The Left has no intention of handing power back as part of a political cycle.


Think mass amnesty for illegal immigrants and an expedited path to citizenship.

There will also be an attempt to scrap the Electoral College.

Second, if the Democrats manage to also take back the Senate, Puerto Rican statehood will be on the table just to grab another two reliable Democratic-oriented senators.

And then there’s the far more troubling prospect of DC statehood and the jurisdictional complications that will follow (there’s far more at stake than adding another two hardcore Democrats to the Senate caucus).


Biden has already strongly hinted via evasive answers about the possibility of creating additional US Supreme Court Justices merely for the purpose of watering down the Court’s current conservative philosophical orientation.

These actions will markedly increase the power of a new administration, which the leftist media would decry as death knells of democracy if attempted by the Trump White House

These power moves will not only go unchallenged by the compliant press but will be justified as necessary and proper.

Trump’s re-election would represent the sole bulwark of true resistance to the consolidation of so much power on one side of the political spectrum, which would be unhealthy for small “d” democracy.

The left already has total control of far too many institutions to add the power of the presidency to their side of the scale.

Whether you dislike Trump personally or disagree with his policies, the president alone stands athwart to the rising and rabid American leftist Leviathan, making his re-election an absolute necessity.



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