PERRICONE: Is Your Freedom More Important Than A Chinese Virus?

The Chinese virus, aka, COVID-19, has altered America in ways legions of Communist armies could never have accomplished. It has altered our thinking, our speech, our behavior, our relationships with one another and now, our government. The remaining question is will we, the Americans, allow it to go on for an interminable time, or will we fight?

Consider what has happened and why.

1. China released this virus at the time the impeachment fraud against the President was failing. All attempts by China’s puppets, the Democrats, to remove Donald Trump had failed and a global pandemic was the only biological weapon they, the globalist democrats had left. Did Nancy Pelosi slip when she said, “we have other arrows in our quiver?”

2. To achieve what these evil forces wanted to achieve, they needed to instill enough fear in the American population. The quickest way to instill fear in a population is to kill members of the population, and that was achieved by the way Democrat-state run governments. Yes, many of our loved ones were sacrificed at the altar of a Democrat scheme to take over America and push it from sovereignty to global subjugation, without the resistance of a paralyzed population. This continues to this day.

3. American behavior has been altered. Everywhere we go, we must wear a badge of compliance and fear over our mouths and noses. Compliance to a conniving government and fear instilled by the government-state or federal-to achieve compliance by the masses. If the compliance and fear are achieved, the Democrats know they can ratchet up the compliance with more fear, like a dominating wrestler twisting the arm behind the back of his opponent, until sinew and cartilage begin to crackle and pop. This continues to this day.

4. The virus has erected a wall which forbids unity among the population. The wearing of the mask is a manifestation that we don’t trust each other or the very air we breathe. Suddenly, we went from a unified America, to serfdoms of fearful, supine people who only want distance from one another, while we cleave to the voice of our Government for company and solace. The population has been smashed and now it is easier to control the masses. No unity means no resistance.

5. Our economy is being attacked by the virus. Shops, stores, business, workers are being immured in their own homes, causing them to lose their incomes and their minds. Impoverished zombies are easier to control than a sentient, powerful, and motivated population. No fiercely independent population has ever been vanquished by a force that is dominated by an all-controlling goverment. Freedom is a formidable weapon to be used against authoritarian governments. They know this and want to remove that level of freedom from America, by making the population more and more dependent on the government. Control comes with a dear price.


6. All freedoms are erased and ceded to the central and controlling government. Freedom of speech is gone. Freedom of worship is gone. Freedom of association is gone. But if you want a leg or a thigh this Thanksgiving, you have to go to a strip club. Again, every morsel of freedom is now being allocated by a force, heretofore, never imagined on our shores. It’s here and it is spreading faster than the virus.

7. Our elections have been decimated. No longer are we a people free to chose our government. Voting has morphed into a farce by illegal and fraudulent voting. No longer can we trust or most trusted institutions, for they are now slaves to a corrupt government-in waiting. In short, the effort to terrorize and control America has almost been accomplished. Once this corrupt election has been certified in favor of the Democrats, America will have entered the sundowning of its days of independence and the birth of blind allegiance to a global government, which will distribute freedoms like a 1930 soup line. You will get only what you need to exist–nothing more. Your lives and your wealth will be enjoyed only at the pleasure of whatever government we will have. We will have no choice.

Is there a Deus Ex Machina? Yes. It is the people who will resist and resist now with everything we have, for we have everything to lose. We can not allow anyone to take our loved ones, our careers, our voices, our God, our homes, our celebrations or our lives. Silence is our worst enemy. Either we join together and resist the takeover of our country now, or be resigned to live a life of servitude, with faux freedoms, allocated, not by God, but by man.

Wake up America. It’s now or never. God preserve us all.



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