IRONY: The Folks Who Need The COVID Vaccine Most Don’t Want It

An interesting little article appeared last night at the Fox 8 New Orleans website, starring former NOLA mayor Marc Morial, now head of the race-hustling National Urban League. He’s sounding the alarm about a specific demographic’s reticence to take the COVID vaccine.

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, misinformation was rampant. Now, as COVID vaccines are being given out, former New Orleans Mayor and National Urban League President, Marc Morial, says it’s time for a messaging reset.

“What we can’t do, is just simply be out there trying to shame people or force people, at this stage, to get the vaccine,” Morial said. “We’ve got to provide information. We’ve got to acknowledge the starting point for many which may be fear and apprehension.”

Recent polls from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows 71 percent of respondents say they definitely or probably will get vaccinated. About a quarter of people say they are hesitant; of them, more than half of Black adults say they do not trust vaccines.

“I’m hearing all day every day about Tuskegee, ‘hey man they’re going to put a chip in the vaccine and it’s going to go in your arm, I don’t trust them,’” explains health educator Dr. Eric Griggs.

He says health professionals have to change how they are communicating the vaccine’s efficacy and understanding the fear.

Among that 29 percent of vaccine resisters are a decent-sized chunk of conservatives, so this isn’t just a dunk on the black community. Lots of people are wary of government and the national establishment, and for good reason; that cuts across the racial, ideological and even economic spectrum.

But there’s a political component to this which is somewhat instructive. For how long has the urban Democrat establishment, of whom Marc Morial is a card-carrying member, pushed a tale of exploitation, racism and villainy to the black community? The article mentions the Tuskegee experiment, which was a real thing and a terrible thing, an abuse and an injustice. But what about the pervasive conspiracy theory about how it was the CIA which spread the crack epidemic in America’s cities to kill black people? That one never went away, did it?

There are others. The lie that George W. Bush blew the levees in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to drown black people is a nice local one.

The lengths to which the urban Democrat establishment has gone in order to demonize Republicans and conservatives have been extreme. They’ve had to be, in order to prevent the GOP from gaining access to some percentage of votes from the black community when those votes should by rights be up for grabs. After all, look at the performance of the urban Democrat establishment in St. Louis, Baltimore, Detroit, Jackson and New Orleans and how that performance has affected the lives of the people living in those cities and others like them. No effort has been spared to convince urban blacks that the “racist Republicans in the suburbs” hate them, are out to get them, want to keep them down and want to kill them.

The entire Black Lives Matter movement revolves around this effort. Its premise is essentially that white cops who live in the suburbs and likely vote Republican are red in tooth and claw with the blood of innocent poor black kids they’re out to kill. Every statistical analysis done on the question disproves this notion 100 percent, and yet it’s stronger than ever.

When the most obvious manifestation of similar animus would be the genocidal pattern of the abortion industry which is joined at the hip with the modern Democrat Party. That industry practices its craft disproportionately on black women in America, and sites its facilities specifically to “service” them. If anybody is trying to kill black Americans in large numbers it’s the Democrats, and if anybody is trying to save them in large numbers it’s the nearly 100 percent Republican pro-life movement.


And yet. And yet.

Bringing this back to COVID, Morial at least understands the problem, even if he won’t admit to helping create it.

Which is that after spending so much time, effort and money sowing distrust of white Republicans and corporate America, the National Urban League and the urban Democrat establishment finds itself in a position of having to do a messaging about-face and attempt to convince the black community it has so propagandized to accept a vaccine developed by drug companies under the encouragement and pay of a white Republican president they’ve spent four years attempting to demonize.

They’re going to have to convince their constituents to take the Trump vaccine.

And it’s important, because the black community for a number of reasons is more susceptible to dying of COVID than other demographic groups. The vaccine is desperately needed there, perhaps more than anywhere, and yet while 71 percent of the country as a whole is fine with taking the vaccine less than half of the black community is.

It’s an interesting bit of irony, because it’s quite foreseeable somebody in the black community, whether in New Orleans or elsewhere, might ask Marc Morial, “Were you lying to me then, or are you lying now?”



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