New Orleans’ Moonbat Politicians Tackle “Race-Based Hair Discrimination”

For something this ineffectual, unconstitutional and utterly clownish, it’s going to require LaToya Cantrell and Helena Moreno getting together for a good old-fashioned attention-whoring press conference to celebrate a city ordinance that tackles the massive societal problem of…inadequate job opportunities for people with stupid-looking hair.

As such, yesterday Cantrell signed the CROWN Act, imposing one more cause of action for trial lawyers in New Orleans to assault businesses with.

“Protective hairstylesz.”

Nobody at that press conference is going to be “discriminated against” because of their hair, by the way. That’s pretty obvious from looking at them.

So who is pushing this idiocy nationally? Of course you know Cantrell and Moreno didn’t come up with anything on their own; neither one of them are intelligent enough to do that; they just parrot somebody else’s crap and then congratulate themselves on the parroting.

Well, from the website pushing this leftist pabulum, there is this…

So, a soap company, Marc Morial, Van Jones and a left-wing pro bono legal shop out of Los Angeles funded by trial lawyers. They actually managed to pass a federal version of this moonbattery in Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives, but when it got to the Senate Mitch McConnell laughed at it and threw it in the trash. It won’t even get a committee hearing.

So now it’s up to urban Democrat machine pols like LaToya and Helena and the rest to drag this thing around by its dreadlocks into policy.

“People should not be forced to divest themselves of their racial cultural identity by changing their natural hair in order to adapt to predominantly white spaces in the workplace or in school.”

Or else what? Or else the employer gets reported to the New Orleans Human Rights Commission, which will review discrimination complaints related to hairstyles associated with any race or national origin. The Human Rights Commission then recommends orders based on its findings that would be enforced by Orleans Civil District Court.


Meaning fines, and probably compensation paid to the poor, and poorly-coiffed, aggrieved employee.

The question here is whether this amounts to a cause of action in Louisiana law. At one point it was understood that local governments can’t create causes of action in Louisiana law; that was something the state legislature had the power to do.

But “law” is hardly something that bothers the American Left. They break the law whenever they feel like it. And certainly the ins and outs of Louisiana law are not things which LaToya Cantrell and Helena Moreno give a damn about.

But here’s the thing – this is a city ordinance in New Orleans. it doesn’t apply in St. Bernard, Jefferson, St. Tammany, St. Charles, Plaquemines or any of the other parishes in the New Orleans area.

So why would anybody continue doing business in Orleans Parish?

Let’s face it, if LaToya Cantrell, Helena Moreno and the rest of the stupid communists who control that place haven’t destroyed your business yet, yesterday’s NOLA CROWN Act idiocy was a good indication they won’t stop trying until they’ve done you in.

It’s quickly coming to a point where if you haven’t pulled out of New Orleans there is no more room for sympathy for you. What are you people waiting on?



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