BAYHAM: You Can’t Pick And Choose The Riots To Condemn

To those Democrats who have voiced their horror and outrage over the storming of the US Capitol today by fringe radicals and impressionable political followers, I have one word to say to you:


For the past 16 years most Republicans have been waiting to hear you finally speak out against political violence, particularly as Republicans have been the targets of this mob action for almost two decades.

My first taste of the Left at their most unrestrained was in in 2004 while in New York City when protesters tried to storm a bus of RNC delegates en route to the convention.  Law enforcement was strained by the press of frothing-at-the-mouth humanity trying to terrorize a group of mostly elderly Republican activists.

When the delegates were able to safely disembark, protesters hurled the worst insults at grandmothers.

While leaving an inauguration event for President George W Bush in 2005 a friend of mine was sprayed with a mystery chemical.

In 2011 thousands of protestors  stormed the Wisconsin State Capitol to harass and threaten legislators over then-Governor Scott Walker’s proposal to alter collective bargaining agreements with unions.

Governor Walker and his family lived in fear of harm throughout his tenure.

In 2013 thousands of pro abortion advocates initiated a riot within the Texas State Capitol that actually derailed legislation being considered.

Those who rushed the capitol and disrupted the legislative process were celebrated and feted in the media as heroes.

In 2016 ANTIFA activists beat up Trump supporters trying to leave a rally in San Jose.

It would be the first of numerous acts of political violence committed against conservatives.

After Trump won, Republican  presidential electors received a bevy of hate-mail and death threats on their phone and voice-mail.

This neither made the news nor was condemned.

At President Trump’s inauguration cars were torched and buildings and attendees at that evening’s ball were harassed by leftist radicals across DC.

And then there was a year long bonfire of ANTIFA in Seattle and Portland and in other cities that led to murder and massive property destruction.

Government buildings were not just invaded and wrecked but actually occupied for weeks.

And the Democratic leadership called it a “summer of love.”

Even as flames flickered from the windows of buildings engulfed in fire the media had the temerity to describe these marches as “mostly peaceful.”

The Left was mostly silent in the use of violence on the other side with Joe Biden dismissing ANTIFA as an idea.



Because the rioters were doing the Democratic Party’s work of creating friction, anxiety, and social angst.

Needless to say, the Resistance did not dare cry treason or insurrection in the face of these reprehensible acts.

Now that the electoral deed has been done and they’re no longer the Resistance (which is itself a name with a violent connotation), the Democrats want “peace”.

Even the mayor of Portland had the scales fall from his eyes and has sworn that things will now be different.

Post-November obviously.

What happened at the US Capitol today was inexcusable and unjustifiable though hardly surprising in light of the Left’s normalization of rioting to achieve political ends.

Those who unlawfully entered the Capitol, fought with the police (those people who have been villified for years by Democrats and the media), and invaded the office spaces of members should be prosecuted.

That it took an invasion into their nest of power to get them to end their silence about political violence is self-incriminating about their sincerity.

So to those who have shown up late to the political riot, welcome to the sane side of society.

And I’m glad you finally “found your voice” because you can’t pick and choose which riots to condemn based only upon the banner being waved.



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