APPEL: MAGA Is The Antidote To Progressivism, And Progressives Know It

Whether you like Trump as a person or not, the simple fact is Trumpism poses an existential threat to Progressivism. It is specifically because of that that he assumed the long vacant role of a leader to 74 million, mostly middle class, Americans. Trump’s politics brought aboard the Republican coalition a voting bloc that in other times was made up of up of many that had been solidly Democratic.

For the sin of exposing the left wing’s abandonment of the middle class and for igniting the passions of huge numbers of Americans, Democrats and the media know that he must be destroyed. And that explains the tumult and chaos – and the amazing display of vitriol and bias in our media and pop culture – of the past five years.

We must get over any idea that the kangaroo court in the Senate is American justice on display. What we are witnessing is the product of abject political fear, an attempt to eliminate the nascent political power of the middle class by destroying the one person who has focused their passions on a political philosophy that they align with. The Democrats have assumed the mantle of Elite America and the managerial class supporting it, and Elite America simply cannot have the unwashed masses dislodging them from their positions of power and privilege.

MAGA is, despite all protestations to the contrary, a political philosophy aimed at creating opportunities for social advancement by those willing and able – without regard to connections, pedigrees or the adoption of arbitrary values and practices the politically correct set have sought to impose.


But here is the problem for Democrats, one they know very well – “When you strike at the King, you had better kill him.”

They must destroy Trump now, for they fear that his legacy if not the man himself will destroy them. Politics is, after all, blood sport.

So far, this impeachment doesn’t look likely to destroy much of anything.



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