Do You Think Russel Honore’ Knows He’s A Useful Fool?

Our guess is no, Honore’ has no idea he’s being put forth as the front man and spear-catcher for the Left’s attempts to permanently militarize the Capitol.

You understand, of course, that the Capitol is no longer the People’s House. That’s been taken away. As Lauren Boebert said, it’s now Fort Pelosi.

And they want to keep it that way.

A task force charged with making recommendations to boost congressional security after a deadly Jan. 6 pro-Trump mob assault on Capitol Hill has proposed establishing a permanent military presence ready to go at a moment’s notice in Washington, D.C.

The security review, led by retired Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré, who ran military relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina, recommended establishing a permanent National Guard quick reaction force, or QRF, for all of D.C.

A QRF is a standard military security element meant to provide swift reinforcements.

“This could be done by mobilizing military police from Guard elements across the U.S. on rotations of three to six months,” the task force’s report states. “Another option would be to create a QRF that permanently resides within the D.C. Guard by reestablishing a military police battalion and staffing it with active Guard reserve troops who live in or near the city year-round, perpetually on active duty.”

The proposal notes that military forces should be a supplement to a law enforcement QRF. Establishing a permanent National Guard presence could be a costly measure for the military, especially if states must continue to rotate troops and equipment in and out. Basic Allowance for Housing for an Army specialist, the most common rank in the force, is $2,520 per month in the D.C. area without dependents. That is on top of standard pay.

National Guard troops also must maintain civilian jobs, which could be a challenge. Guard troops would have to stay activated under federal orders for legal protections from employer retaliation.

The fact that they want to use the National Guard is highly suspicious, since even if it was a good idea to use civilian soldiers for this QRF they want to employ you can’t get the best results rotating people in and out. You’d want more permanent and professional security personnel for your permanent security force. You’d want an actual praetorian guard.

But of course they know that’s a very hard sell politically. It’s only a matter of time before the American public turns against this idea, hard.

Remember, there is zero justification for Fort Pelosi right now. At all. The riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6 was grossly oversold. There is ample evidence that it was fueled by Antifa and Black Lives Matter agitators – despite the government’s public denials of that they had admitted Antifa and BLM agitators in custody. And the linchpin of the “crisis” the cabal currently ruling the country has concocted is that the mob storming the Capitol killed a Capitol Police officer named Brian Sicknick. The story was someone brained him with a fire extinguisher and he died of a brain injury as a result.

That was a lie. Sicknick died of a stroke. He was never hit with a fire extinguisher. The only people who died from the riot on Jan. 6 were protesters. Three of them succumbed to what would most accurately be called natural causes and then there was Ashli Babbitt, who was shot in the neck by a Capitol Police officer trying to climb through a window to get into a corridor leading to House offices.

To date there has not been a single substantiated example of anyone bringing a deadly weapon to the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Not a rifle, not a pistol, not an axe or a spear, not even a switchblade knife. We’re told it was an “insurrection,” but yet the insurrectionists who supposedly were there to take over the United States government brought no weapons.

Pelosi brought in Honore’ for a number of reasons. First, he’s a vitriolic Democrat partisan whose social media is filled with the most vile, idiotic rants imaginable, which makes him an enthusiastic member of Team Democrat and a willing participant in anything they want to do. Second, he has a name, having been put in charge of post-Katrina New Orleans. Third, he’s a member of a core Democrat demographic group and any criticism of him can immediately be labeled as racist. Fourth, he’s being sold as a military man and Pelosi and her cabal perceive that regular Americans trust the military more than politicians.

But if you think Russel Honore’ thought through the militarization of the U.S. Capitol on his own and then sold it to the peace-loving Democrat leadership through sober reason and logic, you are not paying attention. He’s the front man for plans being given to him.

They want the capitol militarized, because Democrats, particularly the Hard Left species of Democrat currently in charge of Washington, DC, need crisis to govern as they wish.


You can’t blow $1.9 trillion you don’t have out of the door as a COVID relief bill when only $465 billion of that is actually COVID relief, and then line up another $3 trillion after that to be blown out the door, without there being a crisis to justify it. It would be absurd to even suggest it.

But of course there is a crisis. If there wasn’t, why would there be razor wire and 5,000 National Guardsmen all around the Capitol?

They threw out March 4 as the date of a possible coup attempt against the federal government because of anonymous QAnon internet chatter. Pelosi stopped all House business for the day. Nothing happened.

No one has demanded an accounting for the fraudulent promotion of a coup threat.

And now, just as two-weeks-to-flatten-the-curve now morphs into two-months-to-flatten-the-coup, it’s starting to become obvious Pelosi won’t take down the razor-wire fence or send the Guardsmen back home to their families. She has Honore’ to give her cover for militarizing the Capitol in a way that wasn’t even done during the Civil War with General Lee roaming the Virginia countryside just to the south and west.

And the end is not in sight.

When the momentum begins building and it’s more than just Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz calling out this wicked idiocy for what it is, you can bet you’ll see more of Russel Honore’. The cabal needs a fool to feed to the mob, and he’s their willing protagonist.

Eventually he’s going to be the face of this farce and he’ll go down in infamy as the scapegoat when the politics sour and the cabal moves on to its next manufactured crisis. If Honore’ was an intelligent man he would see that and distance himself from it.

But he isn’t. And what’s coming is entirely predictable.



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