MARSH MAN MASSON: Topwater Blowups And Deep-Water Speckled Trout!

This is the season I wait all year for. After months of living off the fat they collected in the fall, big speckled trout are in a surly mood, and they take it out on the mullet that gather in loose schools over grass beds in shallow, inshore coves.

These fish are so ravenous and indiscriminate they can’t tell a discernible difference between an actual mullet and a garishly colored hard-plastic lure that’s as loud as a rock concert.

Throw one of these baits in the right spot, work it well, and you’ll be reeling in some of the biggest speckled trout you catch all year. Even the gnats hanging out in the marsh won’t detract from the fun.

Or at least that’s how it’s supposed to work.

With warming nighttime temperatures and after days of southeast winds, my son, Joel, and I thought we had everything timed perfectly, but reality has a way of shattering even the best-laid plans.

Oh well. That’s why it’s always good to have options, and our Plan B turned out to be an excellent one. But next time we’ll need to make sure we bring that Victoria’s Secret Amber Romance perfume to keep the gnats away.

For all the details, check out the video.

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