VIDEO: The Answers Fauci Gave Kennedy Yesterday Stunk

The more Anthony Fauci is brought before Congress to talk about COVID-19 and the federal government’s role in the pandemic, the more obvious it is that he’s either a thorough incompetent or an utterly mendacious creep, or both. That comes out in a fairly clear picture especially yesterday, when during a Senate committee hearing and questions by Sen. John Kennedy (R-Louisiana), Fauci came off as both clueless and untrustworthy.

Fauci claims that the federal government, in the person of the National Institute of Allergy And Infectious Disease (NIAID), which he heads, did not fund “gain-of-function” research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology which led to the release of the COVID-19 virus. He has made this claim several times, using a range of squirrelly statements. He’s said that accusation isn’t true because NIAID never gave the Wuhan Institute any money. But NIAID gave the EcoHealth Alliance a research grant, and EcoHealth spent that money with Wuhan.

Then he said it wasn’t for gain-of-function research – which in this case means experiments in which a virus which cannot infect humans is manipulated so that it can infect humans. If it strikes you that this is about as stupid and dangerous a thing for scientists to do as it’s possible to imagine, you are not wrong. If it strikes you that your tax dollars oughtn’t be spent on such stupid and dangerous things, you are also not wrong. And if you believe that this possibility is a political Fat Man or Little Boy which is somewhat likely to go off and blow the roof off the entire Washington bureaucracy, well, you are not in an infinitessimal minority.

Lots of people are talking about this. They’re also talking about the fact that for over a year the mere suggestion of the obvious, which is that the “gain-of-function” research the Wuhan Institute of Virology was clearly doing and the three Wuhan Institute researchers who came down with severe cases of what surely appeared to be COVID last fall make it damn near impossible not to believe that’s where the pandemic originated, made those who offered it “conspiracy nuts” in the eyes of our legacy corporate media.

Until a few days ago when those same talking heads and ink-stained wretches did a total about-face and offered Strange New Respect to the lab-leak theory.

And the fact that not only does it not appear as though China waged biological warfare on the rest of the world, whether intentionally at first or by accident (and then proceeded to follow a clear biowarfare plan in response to the release of COVID), while America’s public health bureaucrats have essentially been covering for them, is also generating a bit of conversation.

Because obviously if Anthony Fauci helped China wage biological warfare on the taxpayers who make Anthony Fauci the highest-paid man in the federal government, well…a personnel change is only the beginning of the appropriate possibilities.

Nobody is going that far, yet. But Kennedy’s questioning set the stage for some of it. Kennedy got Fauci to admit yesterday that his denial he funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan is based on the fact there was a study published by the Wuhan researchers which didn’t involve gain-of-function – but that Fauci has no idea if that’s all they produced with that grant money.

Kennedy also elicited a completely mealy-mouthed answer from Fauci about the credibility of the World Health Organization, which everyone knows is more or less a meat puppet of the Chinese regime, and then it got especially interesting when he asked about the Biden State Department’s spiking of a Trump administration study into the origins of the Wuhan virus.

Fauci claimed he knew nothing about it. His boss Francis Collins, who runs the National Institutes of Health, said he read about it in the newspaper. And the head of the CDC, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, also said she had no clue that was coming.

Of course, no sooner was that study spiked and the public outcry began than all of a sudden the dam broke and now we’re allowed to discuss the lab-leak origin theory of COVID-19.

Kennedy’s questioning of Fauci caught the attention of Tucker Carlson, who included it in a terrific monologue on last night’s show…

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