BERNARD: Julian Ace Acciard Is A Practical Patriot With Solutions We Need

The one who will sign up for duty knowing full well that when called, that moment may be the last opportunity they get to serve. We should not overlook such men when they decide to step into the political arena. From a family of America’s military servants steps Julian Ace Acciard, a United States Marine Corps Police officer and Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran.

After graduating from Timberlane Regional High School in Plaistow, New Hampshire, he was stationed with the First Marines Division Company at Camp Pendleton in California before being medically discharged. Ace is a conservative Republican running in New Hampshire’s 1st, district for the 2022 United States Congress. The question should not be, can he win? It should be, will you support his candidacy? He is practical. And is not just about offering political criticism but the solution – solutions, conservatives, and well-meaning Americans should all care about.

Ace and his wife Carley, live in Derry, NH with their three children: Mason, Zoey, and Layla and believe in traditional conservative principles. He knows our history well and will not sugarcoat it. He wants us to learn it all. For Ace, history is to understand human nature by bridging the political divide while creating solutions. He is a practical man, and here are some of the solutions he offers: He wants to secure our borders while finishing the wall and streamlining legal immigration. As a veteran, he cares about the health of our veterans and does not believe in fighting endless wars. He believes in school choice, ending the teaching of the divisive Critical Race Theory. Not only does he believe in simplifying the tax codes, but he believes in lowering our taxes. He also understands we need to balance our budget. Government corruption needs to end, and with term limits, he offers a practical solution. He believes the Supreme Court Justices should remain at nine. And that our Second Amendment Right should be protected.

More than anything, Ace believes in individual liberty, protecting the Constitution, and bringing back a government for the people by the people. He does not believe the government should be involved in our everyday lives. For Ace, he understands the role of not applying federal solutions to local issues as the role of the state should be limited. He sees the Republican Party as a big tent party, one where conservatives of all types are welcome.


For me, Ace is a welcome change, a man of great understanding, an entrepreneur, and one who will bring a welcome and diverse perspective to Congress. He is driven, passionate, astute, and loyal to the people. We need politicians who will do the right thing when hard decisions are to be made. He is in a unique position and will say the uncomfortable things that need to be said with diplomacy. New Hampshire, Ace is your new statesman. We need a change of direction from our continued corrosive political climate, and airing our grievances is simply not enough. We need an Ace. Republicans, we have an Ace for Congress in 2022 and I endorse him. Ace is the man! Visit Ace’s website at

Claston Bernard
Former Louisiana US Congressional Candidate
Olympian, Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist, NCAA Champ, and Author



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