VIDEO: John Kennedy On China And The WHO

Since it’s Friday and we expect you’re probably as worn out as we are, we figured we’d send this up – it’s a series of truth bombs Sen. John Kennedy laid on Brian Kilmeade at Fox News about word of a World Health Organization investigation of the Wuhan virus lab-leak theory, which is a substantial discussion, but it’s done in classic Kennedy style.

The context of this is apparently we’re going to depend on the WHO, whose record of late is fairly convincing as a puppet of the Chinese Communist regime, to get to the bottom of the source of COVID-19. We’ve already been down this road, of course, and the WHO pretty clearly lied to the world in spouting the Chinese Communist party line about its origins. That the WHO isn’t alone in this, given that the highly-paid public health bureaucrats in our federal government who funded the gain-of-function experiments which pretty obviously led to COVID-19, hardly exonerates them. Nor does it make the WHO an appropriate investigator of the source of the virus.

Everybody knows this. When John Stewart, of all people, goes on Steven Colbert’s late-night show and hammers away on the subject of the lab-leak theory, we now know that the media establishment has stopped covering for these people. Somebody at those network headquarters realized the game was over and it was time to stop suppressing the obvious.

So now we’ll expect the WHO to follow suit. But why would anybody even care if they did? The WHO admitting what we already know doesn’t restore its credibility. Perhaps the resignation of its top management along with that admission might help.

But who’s to say the WHO will actually admit the virus came from a lab? What if it performs another sham investigation and then sticks to its guns? What happens then?

Kennedy doesn’t actually speak to all of these questions, but he answers the whole thing anyway, and as his pronouncements usually are this is highly entertaining.

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