BLANCO: Joe Biden’s Speech For The Ages

Editor’s Note: a guest post by Louisiana conservative blogger Jeff Blanco.

Joe Biden gave a mighty fine speech yesterday. It was a speech built for the ages,… if it were given a month ago. Instead, a month ago, he assured us that under “no circumstances” and “zero chance” that the Taliban would take over. Now he’s telling us that we always knew, but we didn’t expect it to happen so fast.

He even courageously said “the buck stops with me”… of course in typical Joe Biden fashion, he blamed everybody else first.

He blamed Obama for increasing the troops, saying that Biden was the only one to want to withdraw, but he failed to mention what happened in Iraq when we did withdraw during Obama’s years, which word has it, Biden had a lot to do with it. Speaking of which, have you heard the rumor coming from Democrat ranks that Obama warned during the primary “don’t underestimate Biden’s ability to f**k things up”?

He blamed Trump, accusing him of being “boxed in”. This coming from a President who doesn’t care if he’s “boxed in” by the supreme law of the land, he’ll violate the constitution anyway. This from a guy who is boxed in by law on our Southern border, but ignores it anyway. This coming from a guy who has undid every single policy of his predecessor, but on this one issue, he couldn’t. So it’s Trump’s fault. But wait, didn’t he postpone Trump’s plan? Which means he either reviewed and approved Trump’s plan, in which case he owns it, or he reviewed it and made changes, in which case, he owns it. For a person with more experience on Afghanistan than Trump and Obama combined, and for somebody who claims he has the most foreign policy experience in Washington, he really has no business pointing his finger at his previous two predecessors.

He blamed our military intelligence, which he may have a point there. We’ve know we were leaving Afghanistan the first day Biden was in office, we definitely knew when Biden followed up with another announcement. What was the focus of our military? Was it to focus on leaving Afghanistan in a responsible way? Or were they focused on woke advertising, and targeting Biden’s political enemies using the code word “whitesupremist”. Quite frankly, instead of focusing on “white supremist”, we should have been focused on leaving Afghanistan is a less of a “White supremist” way where we look at Afghanis and say, “who cares that they’re slaughtered, they are brown people”.

And you might laugh at the last line, or you may take offense, good for you. What’s sickening is the cold callous way that we just treated the Afghani people. They are people, not political pawns. These are people who want to live in peace, who value education, who wish to enjoy a fruitful life, who don’t wish to be forced to accept a specific God or be beheaded. These are people who do not wish their daughters be sex slaves, and yet, here we are, being callous to them, that they simply do not matter because we don’t want to be there any more.

He blamed the Afghani military saying they didn’t have the will to fight. These are people who 50,000 of them already laid down their lives in the cause for a free Afghanistan and who were doing the majority of the fighting. It’s easy to say they laid down their arms, but why is it? Did we stop giving them aid? Did we ground their air support? These are questions that need to come out in a congressional hearing.

He acted as if the issue was whether we should leave Afghanistan or not, which the issue isn’t that we left Afghanistan, it’s the manner in which we did it. He had a solid line in his speech, you know the one which he wasn’t going to pass on this war to a fifth President. But the manner in which we left Afghanistan, we undid the mission of ending terrorism in Afghanistan and now he’s saddled an unknown number of future presidents with the problem of terrorism.

He blamed the President of Afghanistan for the failure. He blamed the President who had to flee. You can call the President of Afghanistan a coward, but keep in mind, the protocols for a U.S. President would guard the President long before a direct threat on the city our President resides in. Hell, our own President went into hiding and he was thousands of miles away from Afghanistan. So did Jen Psaki, so did Kamala Harris.

And speaking of Kamala Harris, what’s this I hear that she said “You’re not going to pin this on me”. Was Biden’s administration really going to let Kamala be the fall gal on this issue? Though I mentioned Kamala, this is in no way her issue to handle. She might have been advising the President, she might have her views, but to try to set her up as the fall gal? How anti-woman.

Then again, it is “anti-woman” to remove protections that all women in Afghanistan had while we were there. It’s anti-woman to remove the protections that kept them from being forced into sex slavery. It’s anti-woman to remove the protections that allowed them to get an education. But don’t worry, tough guy Joe will “speak out” against the Taliban abuses.

Joe gave us a speech for the ages about why we should leave Afghanistan, but he didn’t give the people of America the explanation as to why the exodus was botched., He owes the people of Afghanistan and he owes our allies the resignations of the people responsible for the ill mannered way our exit happened.

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