ZOLA: What Exactly Are The Real Threats To Our Homeland?

A few weeks ago, the Department of Homeland Security, the agency charged with protecting the people living within the borders of our country, put out a National Terrorism Alert ahead of the 9/11 20th Anniversary. According to the DHS, we need to be looking out for people who exhibit the following ideas:

  • Opposition to COVID measures
  • Belief in 2020 Presidential election fraud,
  • Honor for 9/11 Anniversary and religious holidays.

These are apparently the people who pose an existential threat to the nation.

As this statement was being put out by DHS, our government was planning to leave billions of dollars of military hardware in Afghanistan for our enemies to recover and use.  This hardware included helicopters, armored vehicles, and other weapons carrying technology that will certainly be recovered and reverse engineered to be deployed against us.  Also, our leadership was planning to leave tens of thousands of American citizens and the citizens of our most trusted allies at the mercy of the Taliban, something which seems inevitable several days later.

However, none of this made the list of threats or concerns from our “Department of Homeland Security.”  You don’t need to be worried about that stuff.  This is not a threat to the homeland.  You need to be concerned about people who think there was election fraud in 2020, when dozens of states allowed for last minute changes to their election systems with mail in ballots and legalized ballot harvesting.  Those people are the threat.

Also, as this threat assessment was being laid out, the Department of Homeland Security was taking part in sending illegal aliens, who have not been background-checked or immunized for COVID (and many of whom are in fact carriers of the virus), into unsuspecting communities all over America.  But they did not put themselves on the list of threats you face.  No, you need to be worried about people who are concerned about taking a vaccine developed by “big pharma” at “warp speed” and which has already surpassed deaths from adverse reactions of all vaccines combined over the last decade.  Those people, they are dangerous to your way of life.

The Department of Homeland Security also forgot to mention that the head of our highest medical office sent millions of dollars to fund a Communist Chinese Bio Weapons Lab in Wuhan to help the People’s Liberation Army develop new genetically altered viruses through gain-of -function research.  The purpose of this research was to take viruses from the wild that DO NOT affect humans and alter them so they will.  This was not a threat to the U.S. Homeland according to our government, despite the fact that COVID-19 almost certainly leaked from this lab and is responsible for the deaths of over half a million Americans and the economic destruction of millions more. No, our government agents working in conjunction with the People’s Liberation Army to build humanity-altering viruses is not a threat. It’s people who don’t trust the credibility of the government agents whose inexplicably bad judgement released this virus on humanity, those American skeptics are the problem and must be segregated from society.

While this threat assessment was being made, our military and all of its institutions were being reforged with Critical Race Theory.  The same can be said of our educational institutions, primary, secondary and post-secondary.  However, Marxist ideology being implemented into our military and educational institutions are of no concern whatsoever.  Uncle Bob flying Old Glory in the front yard on 9/11 while reciting bible verses is the real threat to the Republic!

Folks, in 2021 our institutions are as rotted and corrupted as they can be.  There is very little left to conserve.

This is the third in a series of articles – Hayride publisher Scott McKay published the first and second at The American Spectator earlier this month, with a Louisiana codocil to the first here at this site – detailing the necessary pivot from a conservative mentality to a revivalist mentality.  The above insanity is exactly why it’s needed.  The people of this country, through no particular fault of our own, are now clearly our government’s enemies. If Trump was America First, Biden has clearly set his marker of America Last.  It could not be more evident than now.

But don’t be fooled.  America Last is at the core of neo-liberal and neo-conservative – globalist, if you will – thought.  Our governing and corporate classes serve every interest except ours.  There is an open rebellion occurring -and its not the Q-Anon folks at the tip of the spear.  It is the people who govern you and the companies that your 401k’s are invested in who are revolting against you and the founding principles of America.


Eisenhower famously warned against the Military Industrial Complex, and 20 years in Afghanistan with this ignominious exit proved his point.  Now we are seeing the rise of the Medical Industrial Complex. They will dictate your health decisions and those for your children, lest you be labeled a terror threat.

I won’t even mention the Financial Industrial Complex. We received a taste of that one in 2008.

Your kids, and maybe even you, have been told, “Live Your Truth.” Think about that statement for a second. If everyone gets to “Live Your Truth,” then there is no truth.  And we cannot have a nation if the people who reside within it cannot agree on basic truths.

You know, like men and women are biologically different.

Or, like the purpose of our nation was not to perpetuate racism and hatred.

At one time in our history, and I think for a very long time afterward, we all agreed that “We hold these truths to be self-evident.” Now, we are told that we all get to have our own “truth.” The people that have pushed this garbage, and more like it, have ruined our institutions.

As mentioned in the previous articles on Revivalism, there is nothing to left conserve that has not been corrupted.

It’s time for a revival.

It’s time for us, the people, to stand up and hold some common truths to be self-evident. It’s time for a revival of self-evident truths.  If we don’t start this revival now, we will soon be a people without a nation. And that’s the biggest threat of all to our homeland.



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