BATISTE: New Orleans Mayor Building Upon The Legacy of LaToya The Destroya

LaToya Cantrell had a heated verbal confrontation with a man at a bar, and it spurs many questions and comments. It’s been rumored around town throughout the pandemic that LaToya “The Destroya” Cantrell enjoys her drinks. Never heard that she day drinks on the job, it’s always after punchout time, but as she is apparently still learning, elected officials don’t get time off. They do not get time off during a pandemic and certainly not while the city turns to squalor following a botched disaster management. But this recent incident shows more of Cantrell than most people likely ever imagined.

A little more than a minute and a half was captured of the interaction at the Polo Lounge bar at the Windsor Court Hotel. The mayor and two large men, identified by as “security staff,” surrounded the white man at the bar and she berated him. No other video has come out yet providing more as to what transpired before the recording or after. They may have parted amicably and people are simply entertained by the heated comments from the mayor.

But from what the video showed, the mayor appears as the aggressor. Cantrell said in April 2020: “I will not be bullied.” It’s quite apparent from public appearances that Cantrell has a hostile personality. She argues with reporters and people and treats most situations as a fight. And in this instance at the Polo Lounge, LaToya Cantrell, flanked by two men, was unquestionably the bully attempting to intimidate the mere mortal who questioned the mayor’s highly questionable handling of Hurricane Ida.

It seems like another instance of elected officials acting as if they are above the citizens who are forced to pay their salaries. The Lefty transplants on social media rushed to knight for the leader they idolize. LaToya Cantrell treats people and the media, who are supposed to hold her accountable, as if she is their boss. Without a fair media, it’s up to the people of New Orleans to hold her accountable for her actions. And since journalists no longer keep the government in check in New Orleans, Cantrell seems unaltered by her hypocrisy.

It’s a shame Cantrell, who has carried the nickname “LaToya The Destroya” for years, does not know how to act civilly. It seems like all she wants to do is talk tough and try to find a fight. Like a bully. But her commitment to flex power knows no boundaries. For instance, LaToya Cantrell announced an indoor mask mandate on July 30th. Before issuing that order publicly, Cantrell had attended a “Christmas in July” lunch at Arnaud’s restaurant where she was photographed without a mask.

But perhaps more concerning, in order to ease the impact of her authoritarian mask mandate, Cantrell used fake information to manipulate fearmongering around the alleged Covid “Delta Variant” when she said on July 30th: “Our children are dying. From 2 weeks old to 2 years old to 4 years old, you cannot make it up. Our children are dying.”

We know that the mayor of New Orleans did in fact “make it up” because on August 25th the news spread of the tragic loss of a young Louisiana child, reported under the age of one. “A child this young has not died from COVID in Louisiana in more than six months. In total, 11 children younger than 18 have died from COVID in Louisiana.”

If more Louisiana children under the age of 10 have died of Covid and this comment is incorrect, please speak up. Because the youth Covid fatalities stated by Cantrell on 7/30/21 have never appeared again. Cantrell never stated them again. Making up that “our children are dying” appears to be exactly what Cantrell did on July 30th. Which means a politician used the fabricated death of children to impose more government control.

Cantrell wasted no time in showing her Covid hypocrisy. Less than a week after mandating masks indoors, Cantrell appeared at a public event posing with maskless people and being entertained by maskless people. She wore a mask in those August 6th photos, except one, but keep in mind she said:

“We will do everything possible to ensure that people are held responsible, but personal responsibility is number one. So we are setting the tone, we’re setting the level of expectation, and we encourage people to follow it, do the right thing but we will enforce as best we can. … Well our doctors are saying you need that mask on, but absolutely indoors. … In terms of the mandatory, we’re looking indoor first, and absolutely when you think about those large gatherings—and even small gatherings. I mean that’s what my doctors are saying too. So we want to just put out there that people should put that mask on, but relative to the mask up mandate, we’re looking very heavily indoor.”

Back to the mayor’s recently released public temper tantrum, and WWL TV knighted for Cantrell. WWL TV limited comments on Facebook below the story post and at last viewing still only allowed six comments. And employees of these news outlets whine about the lack of community financial support when they choose to protect an elected official over allowing commentary on the mayor of New Orleans acting out in public.

WWL TV asked about the viral video during Cantrell’s trash press conference. In typical fashion, Cantrell bullied the media to let them know who was in charge.

NOLA’s article stated: “Asked about the video during a Thursday evening press conference, Cantrell said she had not seen the recording but described the confrontation as one in which she was ‘very disrespected, I’m so glad my child wasn’t with me but I’m not going to repeat it.’ ‘It was a man who disrespected me and I spoke up for myself as I was raised to do,’ Cantrell said.”

Let’s unpack Cantrell’s comments and the video. First, respect is earned not given. Second, so what if he disrespected you, you hold public office and that means you agreed to public criticism. Third, does LaToya Cantrell bring her daughter to bars often? Four, why wasn’t she, one of her security staffers, or the woman in green wearing masks as per LaToya Cantrell’s July 30th indoor mask mandate? And five, why are you drinking instead of trying to round up a posse and collect the trash? Now realize the local Joke News had her at a press conference after the video went viral and not a single reporter touched any of these items.

Fast forward a few hours later and LaToya Cantrell was photographed Thursday night at the bar at Houston’s. She had actually made a comment to reporters, “I’m so glad my child wasn’t with me.” The OT sleuths and Twitter can dig into that picture.

A social media video from Sunday shows LaToya Cantrell dancing at a bar during the Saints game. She’s living up to her reputation as a bar fly and it’s an unfortunate thing for a city with as vast a list of issues as New Orleans has.

The arrogance of LaToya Cantrell is astounding. She acts drunk on power, she can’t handle criticism, she seems above questioning, and the city is in major decline due to her incompetence. Cantrell owes the city and the citizens more than she has given as mayor. Then again, perhaps she is operating at her maximum capabilities and is not built for the job. That would help explain why she successfully tears things down without building anything up. But Cantrell is building upon one thing: her legacy as LaToya The Destroya.


Johann Batiste

The Hayride


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