VIDEO: Kennedy Says Biden Admin “Lies Like They Breathe” On Immigration

This morning, Fox & Friends brought Sen. John Kennedy (R-Louisiana) on for an interview, and it might have been his all-time finest performance.

The topics discussed were two. First was the border, as Fox News’ drone sent back video footage from Del Rio, Texas of some 11,000 people, largely Haitians, who are huddled under a highway overpass in what appears to be evidence of a serious humanitarian crisis. Interestingly enough, the FAA then sent Fox a directive shutting down drone flights in Del Rio because, they said, those “interfere” with Border Patrol flights in the area.

Absolutely everybody concerned, including the Fox & Friends hosts and Kennedy himself, recognizes that as a lie, and understands that what’s really going on is a continuing effort by the federal government to tamp down news coverage of the Biden administration’s performance on the border.

Kennedy picked up on that and let the administration have it on the subject of illegal immigration, and specifically the lack of candor by Biden and his handlers, in a Fourth of July fireworks show of opprobrium and derision.

“When it comes to illegal immigration you just can’t trust the Biden administration,” he said. “It would be like trusting Harvey Weinstein with your daughter. The administration lies like they breathe. They’re like timeshare salesmen. They’re peerless.”

He didn’t get any friendlier when the discussion shifted to COVID restrictions and Biden’s vaccine mandate. Kennedy, who makes it a point to state he’s been vaccinated and that he thinks everybody ought to take the jab, is a staunch opponent of mandates and especially doesn’t think Biden has the power to make those decisions for 300 million Americans.

And then he says something which it was glaringly necessary for someone to say – namely that attempting to mandate vaccines has been counterproductive toward convincing people to buy in. Kennedy says he’s sure to tell everyone he talks to that it’s the private sector who created the vaccines and not the federal government, because lots of people out there rightly do not trust the feds based on “bitter experience.”

He also says it’s time for a national discussion about natural immunity to COVID, something which is obviously true and yet almost nobody in the federal government will admit to.

It’s Kennedy at his best. It’s about 13 minutes long and worth every second to watch.

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