BLANCO: The Democrats’ COVID Problem

In the aftermath of the collapse of public policy in Afghanistan, on the border and elsewhere, if there was one issue PendeJoe still had going for him it was the handling of COVID.

All he had to do was take the victory on the issue, as President Trump left him vaccines and medical science had found various treatments for the virus which showed efficacy in reducing symptoms from it.

But no, Biden had to drag it out.

As his poll numbers decline on every issue including COVID, Biden is desperately holding on to the one issue where he has the highest marks. Now he’s damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. He could have walked away from the issue after the vaccines were made available to the general public. Forget about how much big Pharma would make off of every person being vaccinated and padding their profit margins even more with booster shots. He should have focused on other issues. He should have followed the science of an effective evacuation of American citizens, or improved the science of catching criminals.

Quinnipiac’s latest poll had Biden rivaling President Trump’s lowest numbers. The big difference between Biden and Trump is that Trump had a media who was convicting him of crimes despite a lack of evidence while the media that constantly treats Biden like he’s a Rolling Stone and gives him shelter. That same poll showed that Biden still receives his highest marks on one issue – his handling of COVID.

So what does Pendejoe do? He leans into his top issue. Problem is, he’s now underwater on that issue as well. The longer that COVID remains an issue, the more the people are going to turn away from the Democrat party. Fear only works for so long.

Add to that the inconsistent following of science. Take certain events like the Met Gala, Awards, or even Obama’s birthday party where the guests don’t have to wear a mask. Oh but they were all vaccinated. Were the servants not? And if the servants were not vaccinated, why then push vaccine mandates onto the rest of us if those servants weren’t required to be vaccinated? It doesn’t make any sense that the servants had to wear masks if they met the same requirements as the guests who didn’t wear mask.

That is, unless you believe that there should be a clear separation of two classes, those who rule, and those who serve.

Being Biden’s obedient servant is no place to be for those with political ambitions.

I heard an interesting take on New Orleans, “it’s like a police state and a third world country, having to prove you’re vaccination status everywhere you go, but the stoplights don’t work.” Man, things have changed drastically since I’ve been there the last time. I suppose I won’t be going back any time soon. Last time I was in Nola, I took a selfie by a pothole and told everybody I was at the Grand Canyon. Sad thing is, they believed me. Where the Democrats are, oh how the roads crumble. Somebody should put some marijuana seeds and Miracle Gro into styrofoam cups and drop them into potholes. They still won’t fix the potholes, and the city will still be below sea level, but at least they will be higher.

But that highlights another problem, people who visit areas with drastic measures in place get to peak into the future of their hometown if we continue to go down this path. Having our government act like the Gestapo checking people for their papers will sear into the minds of people that the Democrats are truly heavy handed authoritarians who have no regard for the well being of its citizenry. One could hardly argue that they care about the people as crime increases and remains unprosecuted. They continue to protect criminals as families have to bury their loved ones.

They think they see the bigger picture, that they can blame Trump for several years for the pandemic. They don’t realize how lilliputian this really is. They have no intention of returning to normalcy, they see this as their opportunity to rule as kings. But the longer this goes on, the people will recognize them as the sadist they truly are.

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