Trump Dropped An Atom Bomb On Cassidy Last Night

We got this from a couple of sources, as it appears it has really made the rounds this morning. It’s an emailed letter from former President Donald Trump to a number of congressmen and senators regarding this week’s scuffle between Trump and Sen. Bill Cassidy, who as our readers know did an interview Sunday with Mike Allen of Axios wherein Cassidy renewed his attacks on Trump and declared he would refuse to support a 2024 bid for a second Trump presidential term.

As we said, there is zero percentage in Cassidy continuing this line of advocacy. It has drastically diminished Cassidy’s support base in Louisiana, to the point he’s likely unelectable for any statewide office going forward, and every time he brings it back up the opposition stiffens further. Voters don’t even have to back Trump 100 percent to side with him in a fight with Cassidy, who they increasingly see as a tool of the establishment and a Useful Idiot for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. If there is a way for Cassidy to rebuild trust with Republican voters in Louisiana it surely has to be found in some common cause with either Trump or the MAGA movement; continually picking at the scab of his impeachment vote is never going to turn around for him and become a win.

Particularly when Trump takes to the cockpit of the Enola Gay and opens the bomb-bay doors like he did in last night’s letter…

Dear Representative,

The attached tape by Senator Bill Cassidy reveals a big problem with the Republican Party. Wacky Bill based his whole campaign on his friendship and relationship with me. Actually, all of his speeches, commercials, and almost everything he said was based on that relationship—though actually, I never cared for him much. Even with virtually no opponent, I beat him by 27,000 votes in Louisiana, but immediately after he won his election, based largely on my support, he went hostile on “Trump.” In advertising, this would be considered a fraud, and it actually is a fraud on the people of Louisiana.

I send this to you as Republicans just to show what we are dealing with in Cassidy, Little Ben Sasse (where the same thing happened), and a few others. This is why the Republican Party was going nowhere until I came along and won the Presidency in 2016 and, in the opinion of many, 2020 (by a lot!). This is also why I just got a 96% Approval Rating in the Party, and my record on Endorsements is 148 and 2. The Republican Party needs leadership that will keep it together. As always, Democrats are united, while the Republicans have a few “wise guys.” Sadly, enough to make a difference!


Donald J. Trump


That’s classic Trump, and while it might be too much for some the signal it sends is unmistakable. Namely, that war with him means being burned down to dust. Trump will never give up the fight and refuses to obey any of the niceties of politics.

Bill Cassidy isn’t willing or able to fight on the level Trump is. Cassidy might think interviews with Axios that the general public won’t watch helps him make a point, but Trump’s retort gets talked about on every talk show in Louisiana and goes viral on social media. Joe Six Pack will know what Trump said about Cassidy before he knows what Cassidy said to bring it on.

The point isn’t the vitriol over Cassidy. The point is demonstrating what happens when you cross Trump.

And as is commonly said about the former president – he’s a counterpuncher. Trump had no problem with Cassidy until Cassidy turned on Trump. Once you do that, you can either make your peace with him or he’ll be your worst enemy.

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