APPEL: Build Back Better Is A Delusion And A Fairy Tale

Democratic leaders both in and out of Congress are pushing the fairytale that the Democrats only chance to hold on to their slim margin next year is by passing the Build Back Better Bill. The claim is that when Build Back Better is linked with the not so accurately named Infrastructure Bill the people will see what great work Democrats have done.

The problem for Democrats is one of their own doing. Over the decades they have created massive government bureaucracy and regulatory structures, ironically all that were acquiesced to by faux conservative politicians. The result, NOTHING in Washington gets done in a hurry.

Because of this it may take years or even decades to see any concrete results from the Infrastructure Bill. And since the Build Back Better bill is about fundamental change to American government and society, if passed the odds are it will take even longer to be felt by voters. Granted some low-income folks may see more immediate pecuniary results, but the majority of Americans may never sense how Democrats changed their lives.

So, next year when Americans vote, the only extant issues that they will confront will be pocketbook issues. They will feel the impact of inflation directly resulting from irrational progressive spending. They will sense the lost job opportunities and lower income potential of an economy that Democrats redirected away from free market capitalism to a high-tax, big-government-controlled or even socialist economic model. And they will know exactly whom to blame for so sudden a change from one of the strongest economies in history under Trump before COVID, to an ugly remake of Jimmy Carter stagflation.


The one thing that the majority of voters will not see, at election time or perhaps ever, will be results that positively affect their own lives.

Simply stated, any moderate Democrat who thinks that by voting for the Build Back Better Bill voters will thank Democrats by letting them hold onto power must reside in La La Land. And any moderate Democrat who trusts their own leadership when promised that the Infrastructure Bill and Build Back Better will have had any impact by election time, thus saving their job, should reside in La La Land.



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