Are We Being Prepared For A Michelle Obama Coup?

That’s what Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk thinks is happening. We’re not sure we buy it, because our understanding is that Michelle Obama hated politics and wanted no part of it, other than the trappings of wealth and power that came with her husband being president, but this is what’s out there.

Kirk, writing at Human Events, explores the possibility that the current difficulties with the Vice President might be setting the stage for Kamala Harris to be changed out in favor of the former First Lady…

The problem with that supposition, and this is strictly my own personal opinion and not shared with me by a secret White House source of the type that Human Event’s Jack Posobiec seems to have, is that it is precisely because of her desire to seek the throne that she is being thrown under the Brandon, sorry, Biden, bus.  They are not going to let Kamala Harris hold the title of “first Black female President.” That honor is to be bestowed upon another very high-profile woman whose family name and political values are more in keeping with those of Joe Biden.

That woman is none other than Michelle Obama and I believe it is the Obama political machine, using Ron Klain as an anonymous director, who is behind the most recent attacks on our Vice President. Obama v. Harris; a female cage match for whom there is nobody to cheer.

Most people do not realize that there are three wings of the Democrat party.  There are the “Clinton thugs,” the “Obama criminals,’ and the “San Francisco cartel,” that last one being quarterbacked by Nancy Pelosi.  Kamala Harris is part of the S.F cartel and is seen as an interloper by the other two rival factions.

Enter the Michelle Obama factor. During the 2020 presidential primaries and prior to the disruptive onset of the Chinese coronavirus, I had warned of the threat of Michelle Obama if she chose to enter the race. In a culture obsessed with celebrity over substance, the best-selling author and one-time most admired woman in America has a sort of Oprah-esque hold over a significant portion of the American zeitgeist. Any conservative who dismisses her as a formidable potential candidate does so at their own political risk.

It should be clear to everyone that despite his claims to the contrary, Joe Biden is simply not going to be physically and mentally able to seek a second term in office, that is assuming he can even make it through the first term.  Any stories about his “wellness” can be labeled as being similar to what some are saying he left behind in his visit at the Vatican. Given Biden’s fragility, the obvious question is, “If not Joe, who?”?  CNN being told to run this hit piece is somebody’s way of answering that question by saying, “Not you, Kammy.”

Which brings us back to the question of who is really behind the CNN effort to discredit the VP. It is my firm belief that this very precisely targeted political Tomahawk missile was fired at the direction of the Obama criminal wing of the Democrat party and done so with the enthusiastic support of Ron Klain and the Biden White House team. Joe Biden has been a loyal disciple and surrogate for the Obama enterprise, both while serving as Vice President and now as President.  He has done more to carry out the “fundamental transformation of American” in under ten months than did Obama himself in eight years. His service to Obama has been complete and unassailable.

Again, if the play here is to prepare the ground for Michelle Obama to run for president in 2024 as Biden’s vice president, and thus essentially have incumbency on her side, we’re not sure there’s validity to it. If the plan is to dump Harris for Michelle Obama and then have Biden go away in order to make her president without having to run for it, we might be persuaded.

Knowing, of course, that Ron Klain and Barack Obama and Susan Rice would then be running the country.

The effect of this wouldn’t be all that great in 2024, though. Michelle Obama would be less prepared to run for president in 2024 than Donald Trump was in 2016. And the novelty her husband was able to take advantage of would be gone. Nobody cares about first-black-or-female blah blah blah anymore. Nobody has ever cared about “first female President;” if they had, Hillary Clinton would have been elected back in 2008, much less in 2016. There have been lots of female governors, senators, secretaries of state and so on, so much so that to elect a woman president you’re going to have to find somebody who’s a Margaret Thatcher in presence and intellect.

And the public doesn’t seem like it’ll be all that interested in giving the Democrats a second term to push radical, destructive policies.

Kirk does have a good point on the Democrats’ three factions, though – the New York (Clinton), Chicago (Obama) and San Francisco (Pelosi/Harris/Gavin Newsom/Dianne Feinstein) mafia families are in fact the three active ingredients in the party’s establishment structure, though the flesh and blood of the party is probably unaffiliated with any of the three and is more in line with the AOC’s and Bernie Sanderses of the world. The jockeying between those three factions does explain a lot of what has happened over the past year.

We don’t put all that much stock in the news reports, which blew up yesterday when Fox News producer Chad Pegram said he was told to prepare for a potential change-out of the vice president, that Harris is ready to be tossed. It’s not that there isn’t a war brewing between Team Biden and Team Harris – that’s clearly happening, and it was inevitable. You don’t have an administration this dysfunctional and incompetent, with poll results this bad, without the people involved setting upon each other.


But the pain associated with dumping Harris has to be too much, particularly as Biden devolves into mush. To dump the vice president he was elected with at a time when he can’t give a public speech without demonstrating just how incapacitated he is would create a void that could destroy the Democrat Party’s public image for years.

And while Kirk thinks Michelle Obama could fix that, we don’t see much evidence of it. If nothing else, those confirmation hearings would be more than anything she’s ever faced. GOP senators like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Josh Hawley and Tom Cotton would be loaded for bear in examining her; it wouldn’t be an Oprah interview. They’d be expressly going for moments that would discredit her in front of an electorate which is tired of Democrats running things, and the scars from that experience would carry into 2024.

Not to mention that they really can’t change out the vice president before the midterms, because (1) Pelosi, who’s part of the San Francisco mob as is Harris, would throw a fit (she’ll be gone, probably from congress due to retirement, after November 2022) and (2) what could be a 60-seat blowout under current circumstances becomes a 70-seat blowout if the Democrats devolve into civil war over firing Harris.

We’re fine with Kirk being right on this. We just don’t think he is. But it’s definitely a fun theory to kick around.



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