BLANCO: Mitch Ado About Nothing

Let’s be honest, there was a telling moment when Mitch Landrieu was named to implement this Biden infrastructure bill passed with much fanfare to get our hopes up that they will finally fix the roads.

You don’t put Mitch Landrieu in charge of a trillion-dollar portfolio if you’re serious about doing good with that money.

The reality is a handful of improvements will be made, and most of the infrastructure money will fall into the never-never-land of political donors. It’s magical how government money disappears.

But, a few years later, another infrastructure bill will be on the table, and this time, they will fix the roads. Wash… rinse… dry… repeat. Of course if you dare speak against it, you are against roads, you meanie.

Or don’t you remember the trillion-dollar Obama infrastructure bill which did next to nothing to solve the problem of our crumbling infrastructure?

When Mitch Landrieu was mayor of New Orleans, his administration had a unique approach to the roads. The potholes were given names and adorned with treasures and blessings. You might recognize some of the potholes such as the Little Dipper, and the Big Dipper. Some were lakes such as Michigan, Erie, Huron, Ontario, and Superior. Others were deep and named after canyons, such as the Grand, Royal Gorge, and Hell’s Canyon. Some even were internationally known such as the Amazon, Nile, and Dead Sea potholes. The good artists of New Orleans would beautify these potholes with all sorts of decorations, from tires, Christmas Trees, and colorful Mardi Gras beads. In other words, if you don’t want the roads fixed under the infrastructure bill, Mitch Landrieu is your man for the job.

You might think that Pendejoe Biden is too smart to make such a bad decision, and therefore Mitch Landrieu is well qualified, but Pendejoe is a pendejo. The reason he eats so much ice cream is to keep his brain from thawing out. There’s a reason why the Democrat Party kept rejecting his bid to be the Democrat nominee all those years, and now the rest of us get to see why. Unfortunately, the Democrats have made a habit of enticing the mentally-bankrupt and the cerebrally-impoverished until they landed a guy whose appeal was just above the intellectual poverty line. This is where the 20% strong approval comes from.

One needs to look no further than any of the Senate hearings where Biden nominees and cabinet members are clueless when it comes to answering questions. They don’t know any answers and it shows in Senate hearing after hearing. They’ve dumbed down the process to the point that you have to ask them if 1+1= 2 and if they answer affirmatively, they get the vote. It’s that bad. They promise to get information to the Senators but are so incapable of doing their jobs, the next Presidential administration will be in office before any of the Senators get the information they were seeking. This isn’t limited to the nominees who fail to get through. Some are currently serving in cabinet positions. Watch Merrick Garland’s House and Senate hearing appearances. The guy who is the Attorney General couldn’t command his way around a paper clip, is it any wonder the FBI is somebody’s personal Gestapo under Garland’s watch? Considering that Biden pushed to prosecute a guy in California for a bad video in response to the Benghazi debacle, it makes sense his A.G. would be this way.


Back during the Hurricane Katrina days, we had a governor whose name I loathe to mention. She couldn’t even pronounce her own last name correctly, and we wonder why she couldn’t manage a state crisis? Word had it that their motto was “don’t hire anybody smarter than you.” Whether it’s true or not, this motto seems to be alive and well in the Biden administration. Don’t hire anybody smarter than Pendejoe and clearly the bar is set so low you’d think they are vacationing in Trinidad and entering Limbo dance contests. This is an administration who learned from Hunter Biden that getting higher only gets you into rehab, so they shoot as low as they can go.

Poor Kamala had no idea that she’d go down as the worst Vice President in recent history, a title previously held by her boss. Obama is proving to know what he’s talking about when he said “don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to %$^# things up.”.

He hires a guy who his first official act is to go on maternity leave for six months while the sector of the economy that guy’s agency is supposed to manage devolves into dysfunction. Then Biden’s flitty flunky acts like he’s fighting for a cause when the reality is nobody is arguing against a person taking off work to take care of a newborn. What people are infuriated about is that we put a guy in charge who took a job and then paid him for work he wasn’t going to start doing for another six months and the rest of us have to suffer the supply chain issues because of it. Only a person with a pea-sized brain could think the nation wants to suffer while the guy they pay to make sure the job gets done doesn’t even show up for his first six months.

So it makes sense that Mitch Landrieu would go work for Pendejoe Biden. It makes perfect sense that Pendejoe wants Mitch to come work for him. Clearly these two are meant for each other.  The Biden administration is definitely a circus, but it’s not the greatest show on earth. I never believed that one could become president without being intelligent until now. It’s becoming self-evident that this administration believes they are smarter than everybody else, when in reality, everybody else is much smarter than they are. The scary thing is, what stupid thing will John Bel Edwards do for his audition into the Biden administration? How can he too, prove Pendejoe is smarter than him?



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