BLANCO: Thoughts On Cassidy’s Inflatastructure Bill

There are some things in life that are head scratchers. Like, why write a song about what do the fox say when you could just google it and find out? Does SPAM mean St. Paul And Minneapolis, or does it really mean Specially Processed Artificial Meat?  Why Waitr laid off so many of their Louisiana employees and moved their headquarters up to Minnesota is a real head scratcher. We’ve got seafood down here, they’ve got bland food up there.  We’ve got plenty of spice, they’ve got plenty of snow. That, however, would certainly explain why you get cold food. Minnesota has given the Republican candidate their electoral votes one time since 1960, Seems to me, the only good things to come out of Minnesota are Fran Tarkenton and Prince.

Another head scratcher is why Senator Bill Cassidy is still running around boasting of his infrastructure package when we’re already feeling the effects of inflation. Somebody should tell this gastroenterologist-turned-Senator that inflation is giving us gas, heartburn, ulcers, and probably a lot of other physical ailments that are too gross to mention. I’m scratching my head wondering why I voted for Cassidy. The Dr. Senator has prescribed an economic package that tasted like Castor Oil and seems to have equal effects. Yell Ralph into the toilet and see if he answers.

I have a simple mantra in life- “I owe no man my loyalty.” It’s not that I won’t give loyalty, but loyalty is built on trust and confidence. I will put my trust and confidence in people. I accept a lot of their mistakes because people need room to grow. I can work with most people and I accept different opinions. I believe that if I can prove you wrong, good; if you can prove me wrong, even better. We can’t improve our lives if we’re not open to the possibility that we’re wrong.

When it comes to Presidential elections, I rarely have a candidate that I can whole heartedly support, and they are usually out of the race before I even get a chance to vote for them in the primary. Alan Keyes, Phil Gramm, Scott Walker, Herman Cain, all candidates I looked forward to voting for and I never even got the chance. So when it comes to Presidential elections, I end up voting for the lesser of two evils. I voted for McCain, though I’m still not sure he was the lesser of two evils. In 2016 my vote was more against Hillary than it was for Trump. Why the Democrats nominated a guy with the vigor of a sloth and the ethics of Tweed’s Tammany Hall is beyond me. Overall, I don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

I do take my vote serious despite it being one of millions. It’s my opportunity to tell them how I really feel. That brings me back to Cassidy. I voted for Cassidy his entire political career. I voted for him when it he was one of two candidates running for the State Senate. Both candidates seemed too liberal for my liking and, I ended up voting for the lesser of two evils. Then he ran for the house to represent the district I lived, and now he’s in the Senate representing the state.

There is one main ask that I have of any politician, in fact anybody, don’t come $#% up my life. I’m pretty sure we can all agree with that, right? Don’t come #$@% up my life, and we can be cool, at least too some extent. Had Covid not come and interrupted our lives, Trump would still very well be our President, right? We could argue the mute point, or simply acknowledge that our lives got screwed up by Covid. And still we have politicians who don’t mind screwing up our lives even further in the name of Covid.


Politicians love to lecture us about the wealthy, but the reality is, they are the wealthy. Most of us out here in the real world aren’t going to elitist parties night after night, being treated to private flights and lavish dinners. Most of us aren’t being invited to the nicest homes and travelling to other countries on taxpayer dollars. The way things work in Washington is they throw money around and their lives improve. It works so well for them, they think they can solve all their problems by doing so. That’s not how it works for everybody else. Most of us don’t have accountants managing our earnings, we have to budget our own money. We understand that the money they throw at us came from us in the first place. We understand what interest on our debt does to our finances. Does Cassidy or any of the Washington cretins even know what percentage of federal revenue goes to pay interest on our national debt?

They talk down to the public as if we don’t understand budget issues when it’s the public who deals with our own budget issues day after day. They might not understand the difference between Federal deficit and National Debt, but it isn’t that difficult for them to understand. One is the yearly shortfall, the other is the total accumulated. We understand that we already sent them money to take care of our roads, it’s a basic function of government. What are you doing with the money we already sent in? Government’s get more than enough to take care of the roads, if they prioritize the very basic of government.

If I had super-sized thighs and self-identified as physically fit enough to climb a mountain, Senator Cassidy should prescribe me a healthy diet and a psychologist. When it comes to budgetary issues, perhaps Cassidy should step away from the make it rain parties of DC and get a budget prescription from the people. After all, it’s our lives that get screwed up with inflation.

And the more Cassidy talks about the infrastructure bill, the more I’ll remember him when inflation cripples our budgets. I don’t know who I’ll vote for in 2026, but the more crippling inflation the more certain I become that it won’t be him. Since he’s now in the Senate, I’d like to prescribe to him to take the diplomatic oath daily— First do no harm to the people you represent.




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