Sure, JBE, Judge Odinet Ought To Resign. You First.

The arrogance of this dictatorial troglodyte hypocrite who occupies the Louisiana Governor’s Mansion like an angry homeless man camped under an overpass never ceases to astound. Yesterday, John Bel Edwards, who can’t be bothered to weigh in on the devastating crime wave sweeping Louisiana, our rapid outmigration, the deteriorating quality of our roads or the mounting evidence that his COVID policy is utterly unscientific and ineffectual, if not harmful, decided he would fan the flames of the Michelle Odinet controversy.

By, of course, echoing the howling of the NAACP for her resignation.

During his End of the Year Press Conference on Thursday, Governor John Bel Edwards was asked whether he believed Lafayette Judge Michelle Odinet should resign.

“The answer is yes. There is no place for that language, especially for members of the judiciary who have the most important work of administering justice in our state,” Edwards said. “I believe she should resign. I hope she concludes that for herself.”

Edwards says there is also a practical problem to Odinet’s use of the racial slur.

“I believe that you would see perhaps all, if she were not to resign, perhaps all of the litigants before her who were African American would seek her recusal. And I’m not sure she has a valid basis for denying that recusal,” said Edwards. “There is no efficient administration of justice if she stays on the bench.”

As a practical and functional matter he might even be right. Odinet has apparently requested unpaid leave from her job as a Lafayette City Court judge, and that’s a precursor to a resignation.

But who is John Bel Edwards to demand Odinet’s resignation on the basis of racist statements? In the worst possible interpretation, Odinet yelled the “N-word” in a panic over a home invader who was seeking to burgle her vehicle as it was parked in the driveway of her home at 2 a.m. on Saturday.

If that’s too much for public service, then what about a family legacy of slavery and segregation? John Bel Edwards’ ancestors were slave-traders, not just slaveowners. His grandfather was a prominent segregationist in the Louisiana legislature. It’s almost certain that the Edwards family were members of the very large and prominent Ku Klux Klan which held sway in Tangipahoa Parish during the early and middle 20th century.

And John Bel Edwards clearly covered up the Ronald Greene incident in May of 2019, in which his state police beat a black man to death on a roadside for attempting to evade police capture following Greene’s skipping past a stoplight. He wasn’t a criminal, he was a barber. That case was the one the Black Lives Matter movement has been waiting for and Edwards covered it up so that he could turn out the black vote in the 2019 election.


Some friend to the black community John Bel Edwards is. Black Louisianans are worse off now than they were when he announced he was running for governor, and yet he’s going to judge others for things they say in their homes in crisis situations?

Let’s make a deal, JBE. You want Michelle Odinet gone, fine. We’ll join you in saying she ought to go to the woke gulag. But let’s expiate all of the sins of our political class in one huge Christmas penance, and we’ll count on you for leadership in that regard.

Judge Odinet ought to resign. Five minutes after John Bel Edwards does. Otherwise, let him shut his mouth.



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